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Hello Hobart celebrates Hobart, its retail stores, its cafes and restaurants, and everything that makes Hobart special.

Pilgrims Progress

There is nothing more divine than the smell of freshly baked pies at 12 pm, or 5 pm or even 2 am. At Pilgrims Progress, a new 24-hour pie and coffee location in Hobart, you can get just that. Served up by Will and the team, famous from Pilgrim Coffee and Queens Pastry.

The new eatery is located at the entrance to The Hanging Garden and is cohabitating alongside Mona.

‘David Walsh actually suggested the name Pilgrims Progress and what Walshy wants, Walshy gets!’ said Will.

We asked Will why pies? ‘Basically, I love pies, they are delicious. I used to party a lot when I was younger and I loved going to The Salamanca Bakehouse. Now that it is shut down, there is a massive hole in the market. I am hoping to re-create some of that magic here’, said Will.

Will tells us that part of the appeal of opening later is actually to service people who don’t work 9-5. ‘I really like the idea of actually being able to help people who are helping the community, such as emergency services. We offer a 20% discount to paramedics, police and firefighters.’

Both the filling and pastry in these pies are made at Queen’s, then they are crimped and baked onsite. The gravy in the pies takes 2 days to make and they use only proper butter-based pastry.

Thanks to the Executive Chef at the Pilgrim Group, Clinton, flavours you’ll regularly see in the cabinet include:

  • Beef, pinot & rosemary
  • Roast chicken, leek and bacon
  • Kennebec & butter cottage pie
  • Curried lentil and seasoned root vegetables.

They are also working on some more interesting flavours for the future, such as mac and cheese and scallop gumbo pie.

‘In all of our venues we have all of our production on display. Part of that is there’s such a long history of dodgy food operators and it’s disgusting. So having things on display helps build trust in customers so they can see we have an emphasis on freshness’, said Will.

Will is not short of his fair share of highs and lows, having suffered from a sudden cardiac arrest and subsequent brain injury a few years ago. But Will credits his partners, who are often long-term employees, for their assistance in helping with the Pilgrim Group’s success.

Pilgrims Progress is open 24 hours and is located at 112 Murray Street, Hobart.

Photo credit: Pilgrims Progress

Shoebox Cafe

Embracing the darkness in true Dark Mofo style is Shoebox Cafe. They have not only decorated their shopfront, but their food has even gone red in the spirit of Dark Mofo.

This little gem on Elizabeth Street is offering up Dark Mofo-themed Monte Carlo biscuits, a dark red velvet cake, bloody almond caramels and a whole host of other delights.

Owner, Satoko, is the definition of friendly. She took over this celebrated café from previous owner, Sammy, 6 months ago and she has gone from strength-to-strength as she learnt all about managing a small business.

You may know Shoebox Café from their pop-ups at the Winter Feast or at various markets around Hobart. ‘We are famous for our sesame seed wraps. They are a huge seller for us and we offer them in a host of different flavours’, Satoko said.

The Hello Hobart team already had our lunch when we visited Shoebox, but we sacrificed ourselves so we could report back. Peking duck with cucumber, spring onion, rocket, plum sauce and to finish off, hints of lemon – worth it. We had no regrets.

The menu at Shoebox is Asian fusion, Satoko plans to bring on more Japanese cuisine over the coming months, a tribute to her origins. ‘I would love to add more authentic Japanese that is accessible for people’.

You can tell that this small team has a lot of fun. Head over to their Instagram account (@shoeboxcafe) to see what we mean. They are fun and just the perfect amount of quirky.

‘We love all of our customers here. We love the vibe of Hobart, it is homey and we want to make sure you feel that when you come in here’, Satoko said.

The gang at Shoebox highly encourage you to bring your own cup (20c discount for doing so) and your own plates/bowls to avoid the use of takeaway containers.


Open Monday through to Friday, located at 211A Elizabeth Street, Hobart.

In the Hanging Garden

Hobart, we can barely contain our excitement as we will be sharing with you a bunch of new openings and fun things that are going on in our city as we head into Dark Mofo. Make sure you have liked us on Facebook and Instagram to get the scoop first.

To kick off the winter festival we have the opening of In the Hanging Garden. Hello Hobart headed along earlier today to get the low-down on what to expect from this new space that is almost an entire city block. What we can tell you straight up is that this is a food, drink and live music space with art in the mix – true Dark Mofo style.

You will find outdoor dining and a beer garden (with heaters of course), where you can purchase from a number of pop-up restaurants. There will be a permanent restaurant onsite too open 24 hours, run by Hobart legends from Queens Pastry and Pilgrim Coffee named Pilgrims Progress.

You won’t be able to miss The Cathedral, a huge covered space in the middle of this precinct. You really have to see this spectacular space to believe it.

Following the path you’ll find Altar, located in the former Tattersall’s Hotel. Inside you will discover a bar and upstairs a nightclub that will be open for Night Mass ticket holders next week.

Odeon Theatre, Hobart is part of this stunning precinct with a huge line-up of dark and dangerous things on as part of the winter festival.

Entry is off 112 Murray Street, Hobart. Open officially from 8 pm tonight Wednesday 5 June 2019.



The templo family is growing, with their new addition, a wine bar in the heart of the city named Sonny, opening today.

Most of you would be familiar with templo, a small neighbourhood restaurant synonymous with quality dishes. The Hello Hobart team would even go so far as to say that some of the best vegetables ever tasted came from the templo kitchen!

Templo’s Chris and Matt are once again at the helm of this venue alongside new addition Alister. Heralding from Adelaide, Alister has moved down to front the bar, bringing his unique vinyl collection and passion for quality wine along with him. ‘I haven’t even been here for 2 weeks, yet I feel like I have been here for months. The team here make me feel right at home’, said Alister.

Alister has come with a background in the hospitality scene having managed a vibrant bar for the last 5 years in South Australia. He tells us that he was keen to work with the templo team for some time. ‘I have been down to Tassie quite a lot. My best friend was living here and I loved templo, having dined there numerous times prior to this gig’.

While adding the final touches of paint, Chris kindly stopped to chat to us about this second venue. ‘We wanted this place to be like eating at home. We want you to be surprised about how your night might evolve here. You might come in for a drink after work but end up eating a few plates of food and next thing you know, you’ve had a night well spent’, said Chris.

This hybrid fusion of bar and restaurant is sure to be a hit with Chris confirming that they will offer the same quality produce and handmade pasta by Matt and the team. They offer a variety of all natural wines (which Chris even helps to produce and designs the labels). The menu will be seasonal and ever-changing to keep your taste buds delighted.

You’ll notice other familiar faces in the space including Rachelle who is often greeting guests with her smile over at templo. ‘We want our staff to thrive, we help them grow. Hospitality can be a hard industry to work in but we try and create a family-type environment’, tells Chris of their secrets to keeping such talented staff.

The space is intimate but there is the option to sit at the bar (and watch Alister make your drink) or if you’d prefer, there are a handful of individual tables for that more private evening.

And the name Sonny? The team tell us that it evolved after watching the movie Lion and the character Sunny. The name resonated with the team as a positive and nurturing term. Chris was even tempted to name any future children Sunny but instead the restaurant came along and it was a perfect fit.

The Hello Hobart team loved chatting to the humble Sonny team who openly welcomed us in, despite madly working away to get it ready for you all today!

You don’t need a booking for this new space, simply roll on in. They will be open from 4 pm til late, Thursday through to Monday. Located at 118 Elizabeth Street, in the space formerly known as Kaiju Can Bar.

Circle of Life Doughnut Co.

Circle of Life Doughnut Co. has finally opened after teasing our taste buds at the The Taste of Tasmania earlier this year. You’ll notice familiar Hobart faces serving up your coffee and treats such as Will, Tyler and Nathan, famous for the likes of Pilgrim Coffee and Queens Pastry.

We made our way into the Liverpool Street store this morning with sweet results that we are excited to share with you. And the biggest win for our Hello Hobart followers, they are pouring the same quality coffee as that of Pilgrim!! You know that these guys know their way around a coffee machine.

This baby was 3 years in the making, with the initial plans to run from the window of Pilgrim before the fire of 2018.

‘We have stepped it up a notch here. We are pushing the boundaries when it comes to flavours, these doughnuts are bigger and different from what you’ll find at Queen’s. We have employed 2 dedicated pastry chefs, so you know that you are getting the best’, said Will.

It was hard to ignore the loyal customers streaming into the door of this shop as we are talking to Will. The team have fun too, admitting that they love what they do. ‘We rock pink shirts and get to hang out in a doughnut shop, so let’s be honest, we have fun’, tells Will.

Fun facts about these doughnuts that you will want to know:
🍩the doughnut spread is ever-changing with flavours such as black forest, banoffee and brown butter maple walnut
🍩these are yeast doughnuts which makes them more fluffy (like clouds), less heavy than batter doughnuts, and more like your classic American-style
🍩there is a hot Nutella tap (imported straight from Italy) to fill your doughnuts with the amazing chocolate sauce

We had to ask Will, what was the inspiration for the funky cloud interior? ‘We wanted the space to be a bit of a kid’s wonderland. So you can see the sun rise in the east of the shop and then setting in the west. We used a local artist to paint the scene. As it turns out, it is very difficult to paint on the roof, but we did it and we love it’, said Will.

You can find your daily fix of caffeine and that cheeky doughnut at 66-68 Liverpool Street (at the entrance to the Bank Arcade), Hobart.

Cocktails at Rude Boy

Be taken away to a tropical Caribbean paradise with Rude Boy on your next social outing.

‘You can be wacky, fun and have a bit of attitude, all while still giving the best service and the best product’, co-owner Khayla told us.

Rude Boy is owned by Alexia, with Khayla and Rohan as co-owners alongside. They have been open since 2017 and have fast become an integral part of the bar scene in Hobart. They are well-known as being a rum bar with over 170 rums available, sourced from all over the world.

‘Rum has a fun history. When you talk about the sailors and the pirates they all come back to a story involving rum. Even at our opening, we told a lot of pirate stories’, said Khayla.

Rohan told us that prior to opening Rude Boy, a lot of his friends were only whisky drinkers and yet the team have converted them to rum drinkers!

Although they are celebrated for their rum, they also have a little bit of everything. Think local wines, Tassie beers and other great spirits. They have a great range of non-alcoholic drinks as well, with all their sodas made in house from homemade flavours and they are currently working on a non-alcoholic cocktail list.

Rude Boy also offer a delicious food menu, like Jerk Chicken with pineapple chutney and pickled fennel, as well as many more tropical inspired dishes. The team also now offers off-site catering, so be sure to contact them if you want tropical-themed drinks and food at your next event.

Make Rude Boy your next bar destination. They are located within the heart of midtown at 130 Elizabeth Street, Hobart.

Small Fry

Small-fry Hobart may be one of the city’s smallest kitchen spaces, but it has to be one of the greatest. This unique venue is all about creating delicious breakfasts and lunches in a casual yet intimate setting. Open 7 days a week, this is a place that should not be missed on your ‘to eat’ locations when out in Hobart.

‘We like to think of the food and the service in our venue as being of the caliber that you would find in a top-tiered Tasmanian restaurant in the night time service. For a venue during the day to be trying to execute that, well that’s pretty unique’, tells owner Rhys.

Hello Hobart got chatting with Rhys earlier this week, who has owned Small Fry for a touch over 4 and a half years. His partner April is the pastry chef who creates all sorts of delicious sweet treats. We tasted April’s doughnuts and damn she is the doughnut queen!

Rhys has been working in kitchens since he was 15. He decided to work in hospitality due to a strong influence in food and gardening from his parents.

If you have ever visited Small Fry, you will understand how refreshing the restaurant is. Instead of having the kitchen out the back away from prying eyes, Small Fry has embraced a more unique and intimate setting. There is one space, where kitchen meets dining area. You can sit by the bench and watch as your meal is being cooked.

‘I really love being able to break down the disconnect between a person eating in a restaurant and the food that’s on their plate. I can remember working in Europe where you would send food out of the kitchen and it would go through 3, 4 sometimes 5 pairs of hands before it got to the customer. As a result, there can be an enormous disconnect between who is eating, what their eating, who has cooked it and where it has come from. For all sorts of reasons we need to make that connection with people and there’s no better way of connecting someone with the food that’s on their plate than having them sit close to you while you cook their meal’, said Rhys.

The food on offer at Small Fry is delicious, refined and seasonal. They source local produce as much as they can. Tasmania grows some pretty amazing produce and as Rhys told us, the produce grown in Tasmania tastes better (hear hear). The team also make everything they can on-site, including their own marshmallows for the hot chocolates!

‘At the moment the Carpaccio dish is the one that I am connected to the most for a few reasons. We are going through a bit of a phase of revisiting old ideas and Carpaccio is a great example of that. It’s a dish that was on the menu a number of years ago, it was good then but in a great analogist way to the venue itself, it has grown up a lot, it has come a long way and it knows a lot more about itself and what it is doing and why it’s there. And that is certainly Small Fry as a venue and certainly me as a chef’, says Rhys.

‘We’re a small player in what is an otherwise extremely big and diverse industry, so we’re just Small Fry’, says Rhys. This place is simply incredible.

They are open Monday to Friday 7.30 am to 2.30 pm and Saturday/Sunday 8.30 am to 1 pm. They even do private dinner parties by appointment. Please note that the kitchen closes 1 hour before closing time. Find them at 3/129 Bathurst Street, Hobart.

Lucinda, surrounded by friends and family

One of the best things in life is being surrounded by friends and family, enjoying a glass of wine and eating delicious food. So when Lucinda Wine Bar opened in the city, we knew this would become the ideal spot to do just that.

Hello Hobart sat down with owner Kobi to chat about this new bar on Collins Street.

‘I want Lucinda to feel like a neighborhood venue but in the city. A sort of place that you can drop in and almost feel like you are in someone’s kitchen. Already we have people come in starting their meals as separate groups, but after a bottle or two of wine, the whole place is sharing stories’, Kobi said.

The space has been designed to have a relaxed and intimate vibe with the main seating area being an island table that is joined to the open kitchen space. The focus at Lucinda is wine and quality food. The wines on offer are minimal intervention, natural wines, sourced from all over the world. If you aren’t in the wine mood you will of course find other tipples.

The style of food is designed to be nourishing and tasty, but also easily eaten so you can have a glass of wine in one hand. The food on the menu is constantly evolving, but you’ll be sure to find snacks right up to larger dishes, cured meats and cheeses.

Originally from Melbourne, Kobi is a chef by trade and decided to move to Hobart to start popular restaurant Dier Makr. Since opening Dier Makr, Kobi had his eye on the space Lucinda is currently in, and when the space came up, it made a lot of sense for him to open the bar. ‘I wanted to split the concept of what I was doing in Dier Makr with a space that complimented the restaurant. A place where you could come before or after your meal or simply just pop by after work.’ Kobi said.

‘I always wanted to own a bar and now I am living that dream and I have a bar to call my own’, Kobi said.

Why the name Lucinda?
‘I have been wanting to call a bar ‘Lucinda’ for probably 6 or 7 years. It’s taken from a Tom Waits song. At some point I feel in love with the song and thought that would be a great fit for a bar’.

Lucinda are open every day of the week 3 pm until late. Make some time, gather your friends and enjoy a glass of premium wine alongside some phenomenal food. Find them at 123 Collins Street, Hobart.

Senses Plus

Did you know that Hobart is now home to a Japanese bakery? Senses Plus is offering some of the cutest baked goods going around.

Think red bean buns, creamed corn buns, butter cookies and piano cakes. These treats are all handmade fresh. Bringing us back to the days of wandering the streets in Japan.

The bread is made daily in-store too. Japanese bread is a little different to what you may be used to – a little softer and a little sweeter. The perfect combination.

One of the owners, Alex, talked us though the specials and showed us how it all works. It’s all self-service, you simply grab a tray and select what you fancy. It might be breakfast, a quick-and-easy lunch or a special treat to keep you going mid-afternoon.

It is easy to enjoy their creations every day with the store open 7 days. Find them at 74 Liverpool Street, Hobart.

Berta swings opens the doors

Missed Berta. after it closed last year? If so, we have good news for you. Beloved café Berta has moved into a new location in the heart of the city, swinging the doors open for the first time this morning.

Located at 119 Liverpool Street (the site of the old Kafe Kara), the café is offering a contemporary European-type menu alongside quality coffee.

Open Monday to Saturday 7 am – 4 pm for your brunch needs, and as a wine bar Wednesday to Saturday from 6 – 10 pm.