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Hello Hobart celebrates Hobart, its retail stores, its cafes and restaurants, and everything that makes Hobart special.

Collide Wholefoods

Who has checked out Hobart’s newest health food shop, Collide Wholefoods?

We chatted health and wholefoods with one of the owners, Millie, who has a background in hospitality and helped co-found Hamlet café.

‘This is pretty much an extension of our pantry. It’s being able to give people the convenience of coming in and buying healthy food, as little or as much as they want’, Mille said.

You will find a great array of mostly organic natural healthy goodies and staples at Collide, like grains, chocolates, dehydrated fruits and dry-roasted nuts with no oil. Everything comes in small quantities and kept in stainless steel containers in a controlled, cool environment, keeping products super fresh. They even have a salting station (hello salt lovers!) and also offer delicious smoothies and granola bowls.

Millie’s personal favourite combo is a healthy pick-n-mix of goji berries, dark chocolate and mulberries. She also highly recommends the coconut carob, which is creamy and delicious. They even have Thank-you Jars for on-duty nurses, police, firies and ambulance offices for $3.10, ‘just to say thank you’.

Collide is all about connecting with people, offering natural healthy food and sourcing unique Tasmanian products where they can. Millie tells us that healthy eating is most important to her for the sake of her children. ‘I think we need to take a serious look at our next generation and the education around healthy eating for kids and I hope that we can be part of this’, said Millie.

So it’s time to gather up your glass jars and containers (they do have paper bags and old jars if you need them) and head on down to Collide to stock up on healthy natural wholefoods. Find them at 8A Criterion Street, Hobart.

Chocolate & More

The Hello Hobart team love chocolate and will make up any excuse to get some. Monday? Let’s get chocolate!

We popped by Chocolate & More in Bank Arcade and discovered their dedicated selection of European chocolates right here in Hobart.

Chocolate & More is owned by Suzette and has been open in the charming arcade since 2006. Why does Suzette love chocolate so much? ‘I think it makes you happy, it brings out the endorphins. Chocolate is also great for any and every occasion, whether you are celebrating life, love or loss’, said Suzette.

40 years ago, Suzette opened her first chocolate shop in Hobart (Kandyland) after a trip to Europe where she experienced a beautiful array of great chocolate shops, particularly in Austria. She realised that Hobart didn’t really have a nice chocolate shop, so she decided to change that!

Hidden within this great store you will find a mix between local and international delicacies. Suzette’s favourite chocolates are Simon Coll (offered in both 99% and 70% cocoa with cacao nibs) and Blanxart Chocolates (a Spanish chocolate that is earthy with no preservatives or additives and great for people who are coeliac). We can vouch for the Simon Coll 70% with cocoa nibs, it was absolutely delicious and if you love dark chocolate this is a winner.

Next time you are in need of a chocolate fix or gift, make sure to head to Chocolate & More. Located in the Bank Arcade, Hobart.

The Makeup Bar

We visited the Makeup Bar Hobart just as they were packing up from the morning’s clients – attendees of the latest David Jones campaign at Mona, including actresses from Tidelands and Neighbours. These ladies are clearly proving themselves as ‘the’ place to go for makeup in Hobart.

The HH team sat down with owners Alex and Kim and chatted into the morning about their new business venture that is sure to impress clients.

Located in the same building as renowned Acai Beauty Space, these two beauties have set up a bar that is both private and fun. Alex and Kim are both incredibly experienced, making a name for themselves at the Myer makeup counter for many years.

‘We are not all about the before and after picture, rather, we love highlighting what makes people special. Ultimately we want to make people feel comfortable in their own skin with just a touch of artistic highlighting on their features’, said Kim.

The team offer a range of services, including makeup, masterclasses and dry hair styling. Brides-to-be take note – these guys charge a flat rate too regardless of the function, so no wedding surcharge! ?

‘We offer masterclasses for those people who would like to learn how to best apply their makeup’, said Kim. If you wish, you can even bring in your own products so they can teach you what you can achieve with your standard makeup.

Why do these lovely ladies love makeup so much? ‘A particular highlight for us is being a part of special events for people. You see people come in to get makeup for their first dates, and then a year or so later, they are back again getting their engagement party makeup done and then later their wedding makeup done. You get to see people’s big life events and go along for the journey’, Alex said.

‘I also love the delighted comments from customers impressed at how well the makeup stayed on. Particularly brides who go through a myriad of emotions on the day, yet, they continue to look amazing’, Kim said.

‘We want people to come and have a high-end experience here. It is a key part of our ethos. We want people to come in and experience quality products and service’, Alex said.
The team use a variety of quality makeup brands, including Mac, Tom Ford and Chanel. They are also moving to cruelty-free makeup wherever they can.

Both ladies said that they had to pinch themselves on what they have achieved, they even had to force themselves to celebrate!

‘We had our Instagram account for 3 or 4 months prior to announcing it was us who was opening the store. We didn’t expect the following that we got from the announcement, we grew 400 followers overnight’, Kim said.

To celebrate their opening, if you book a session for four people or more they will even shout you some pink Moet!
The ladies are super flexible when it comes to appointment times, and we recommend you check out their website for full pricing and details at www.makeupbarhobart.com.

Find the bar at 31 Murray Street, Hobart.

Rae’s Florest

?Meet Tania, the owner of Rae’s Florist, the oldest trading florist in Hobart. This adorable store in Bank Arcade has been selling flowers since the early 70s and is still today brightening patient’s rooms, worker’s office desks, family’s homes and putting smiles on people’s faces. ?

At such a good location with close proximity to the hospital, this florist is a Hobart institution. Tania and her colleague, Sam, can make up a bunch while you wait, or even do same day deliveries before 2pm. The team also stock a range of potted plants right in the heart of the city.

Supporting local Tasmanian growers, Rae’s Florist carries almost all Tasmanian-grown products. ‘Tasmania grows some of the best flowers in the world. Plus imported flowers are laced with nasty chemicals to allow them into the state. I am very passionate about supporting local growers. Our roses, for example, are from Launceston’, said Tania.

Tania’s mum purchased Rae’s Florist back in 1986. ‘I came to work with mum after year 11 as I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I had a 1-year plan and 26 years later I am still here!’ said Tania. Her cousin has also taken over the family business of growing flowers in Launceston, so flowers are really a fundamental part of this family.

Tania is also passionate about keeping flowers affordable with bunches starting at $10. ?

We asked Tania where she gets inspiration from when building her bouquets ?. ‘When I was doing my apprenticeship I had some very talented teachers and they really taught me how to look to nature for inspiration. Looking at the shapes and forms that occur in nature. Sometimes it comes from the strangest place, like really just looking at the flowers you’ve got and imagining what you can do with them’, answered Tania.

Brighten up your day with a bunch of florals, or a potted succulent, chocolate, teddy bear or even a toy sloth. ???

Located in Bank Arcade, Hobart and open Monday through to Friday.

Small Fry

Small-fry Hobart may be one of the city’s smallest kitchen spaces, but it has to be one of the greatest. This unique venue is all about creating delicious breakfasts and lunches in a casual yet intimate setting. Open 7 days a week, this is a place that should not be missed on your ‘to eat’ locations when out in Hobart.

‘We like to think of the food and the service in our venue as being of the caliber that you would find in a top-tiered Tasmanian restaurant in the night time service. For a venue during the day to be trying to execute that, well that’s pretty unique’, tells owner Rhys.

Hello Hobart got chatting with Rhys earlier this week, who has owned Small Fry for a touch over 4 and a half years. His partner April is the pastry chef who creates all sorts of delicious sweet treats. We tasted April’s doughnuts and damn she is the doughnut queen!

Rhys has been working in kitchens since he was 15. He decided to work in hospitality due to a strong influence in food and gardening from his parents.

If you have ever visited Small Fry, you will understand how refreshing the restaurant is. Instead of having the kitchen out the back away from prying eyes, Small Fry has embraced a more unique and intimate setting. There is one space, where kitchen meets dining area. You can sit by the bench and watch as your meal is being cooked.

‘I really love being able to break down the disconnect between a person eating in a restaurant and the food that’s on their plate. I can remember working in Europe where you would send food out of the kitchen and it would go through 3, 4 sometimes 5 pairs of hands before it got to the customer. As a result, there can be an enormous disconnect between who is eating, what their eating, who has cooked it and where it has come from. For all sorts of reasons we need to make that connection with people and there’s no better way of connecting someone with the food that’s on their plate than having them sit close to you while you cook their meal’, said Rhys.

The food on offer at Small Fry is delicious, refined and seasonal. They source local produce as much as they can. Tasmania grows some pretty amazing produce and as Rhys told us, the produce grown in Tasmania tastes better (hear hear). The team also make everything they can on-site, including their own marshmallows for the hot chocolates!

‘At the moment the Carpaccio dish is the one that I am connected to the most for a few reasons. We are going through a bit of a phase of revisiting old ideas and Carpaccio is a great example of that. It’s a dish that was on the menu a number of years ago, it was good then but in a great analogist way to the venue itself, it has grown up a lot, it has come a long way and it knows a lot more about itself and what it is doing and why it’s there. And that is certainly Small Fry as a venue and certainly me as a chef’, says Rhys.

‘We’re a small player in what is an otherwise extremely big and diverse industry, so we’re just Small Fry’, says Rhys. This place is simply incredible.

They are open Monday to Friday 7.30 am to 2.30 pm and Saturday/Sunday 8.30 am to 1 pm. They even do private dinner parties by appointment. Please note that the kitchen closes 1 hour before closing time. Find them at 3/129 Bathurst Street, Hobart.

Lucinda, surrounded by friends and family

One of the best things in life is being surrounded by friends and family, enjoying a glass of wine and eating delicious food. So when Lucinda Wine Bar opened in the city, we knew this would become the ideal spot to do just that.

Hello Hobart sat down with owner Kobi to chat about this new bar on Collins Street.

‘I want Lucinda to feel like a neighborhood venue but in the city. A sort of place that you can drop in and almost feel like you are in someone’s kitchen. Already we have people come in starting their meals as separate groups, but after a bottle or two of wine, the whole place is sharing stories’, Kobi said.

The space has been designed to have a relaxed and intimate vibe with the main seating area being an island table that is joined to the open kitchen space. The focus at Lucinda is wine and quality food. The wines on offer are minimal intervention, natural wines, sourced from all over the world. If you aren’t in the wine mood you will of course find other tipples.

The style of food is designed to be nourishing and tasty, but also easily eaten so you can have a glass of wine in one hand. The food on the menu is constantly evolving, but you’ll be sure to find snacks right up to larger dishes, cured meats and cheeses.

Originally from Melbourne, Kobi is a chef by trade and decided to move to Hobart to start popular restaurant Dier Makr. Since opening Dier Makr, Kobi had his eye on the space Lucinda is currently in, and when the space came up, it made a lot of sense for him to open the bar. ‘I wanted to split the concept of what I was doing in Dier Makr with a space that complimented the restaurant. A place where you could come before or after your meal or simply just pop by after work.’ Kobi said.

‘I always wanted to own a bar and now I am living that dream and I have a bar to call my own’, Kobi said.

Why the name Lucinda?
‘I have been wanting to call a bar ‘Lucinda’ for probably 6 or 7 years. It’s taken from a Tom Waits song. At some point I feel in love with the song and thought that would be a great fit for a bar’.

Lucinda are open every day of the week 3 pm until late. Make some time, gather your friends and enjoy a glass of premium wine alongside some phenomenal food. Find them at 123 Collins Street, Hobart.

Berta swings opens the doors

Missed Berta. after it closed last year? If so, we have good news for you. Beloved café Berta has moved into a new location in the heart of the city, swinging the doors open for the first time this morning.

Located at 119 Liverpool Street (the site of the old Kafe Kara), the café is offering a contemporary European-type menu alongside quality coffee.

Open Monday to Saturday 7 am – 4 pm for your brunch needs, and as a wine bar Wednesday to Saturday from 6 – 10 pm.

Tasmanian Travel and Information Centre

You have probably driven past the iconic pink building on the corner of Davey and Elizabeth Street many times, but have you gone into the Tasmanian Travel and Information Centre (TTIC)?

Behind the dusky pink exterior is a treasure trove of Tasmanian gifts and experiences perfect for Mother’s Day. Hello Hobart chatted with the manager, Emily, to find out all about the TTIC and what we can expect from the team to delight Mum this Sunday.

‘We have a gift selection to suit any mum. Surprise adventure Mum with a national parks pass, or new Mum with a calming heat pack lavender bear from Bridestowe Lavender, we can help tailor something Tasmanian for your mum, whatever her style’, said Emily.

If you want to give something that is more of an experience, the team sell gift cards that give you access to purchase over 300 hotels and experiences across Tasmania.

The Hello Hobart team asked Emily what she will be getting her own Mum on Sunday, ‘I will be treating my mother to winter woollies, she hates the cold. We stock gorgeous Smitten Merino scarfs, so one of these and a pair of Tassie slippers will go down nicely’. And for Emily, she is expecting the usual suspects of school made crafts (think cute pasta necklaces) from her two young boys on Sunday.

One might assume that the TTIC is simply for tourists, but Emily tells us that more and more locals are heading in to get assistance with planning Tassie trips for visiting friends and families. ‘Everyone is just so busy these days and we are like a travel agent, but on the ground. All of our staff are travel experts in Tasmania and we help plan everything from the SkyBus right through to multi-day walks and luxury weekend getaways. The team here will take care of it all for you and your visitors’ said Emily.

‘I love my job because we often surprise people by Tassie. It has so much more to offer than first meets the eye’.

The place is teeming with amazing recommendations for what to do if you have a spare day, weekend or week in our beautiful state. Even the local Hello Hobart team found themselves lost in the maps and experiences… road trip anyone?

Emily’s favourite place to visit is the West Coast. She says she loves the ruggedness and isolation that you can’t experience elsewhere.

The team are open Monday through Sunday 9 am to 5 pm (so if you forget a Mother’s Day gift on the day, they have you sorted).

Picnic Cafe

Within one of Hobart’s cute laneways resides Picnic Cafe. A cosy café that celebrates food with homemade, simple and delicious meals.

Breakfast lovers Will and Stef own this Mather’s Lane café where they have embraced the most important meal of the day in their own unique way. They have got you covered with all-day breakfast and brunch, from waffles to healthy treats.

Everything is house-made, including their offerings of amazing cakes, which are often vegan and gluten-free. ‘I do all the savoury food and Stef does all the sweet’, Will told us.

Everything is made super fresh to order. ‘If you order a cheese and tomato sandwich, I will be slicing the tomato after you order it. It’s not been sitting in a container for 3 hours already sliced’, said Will. Meaning that if you have dietary requirements or simply want to mix up your usual brekkie, you can do so really easily.

‘We’ve written a menu, but it is, to an extent, a list of ingredients that people can just swap around’, said Will.

A favourite of many, this café has weekly regulars making this their place to eat. ‘We have regulars where I know their order based on their name. I simply get a docket of their name and I know their dish. It’s not on the menu, it’s just what they have and they have it every time they come in’, said Will.

As Will told us it was always a bucket list goal for the pair to own a café. Will has been ‘cheffing’ around Hobart for 14 years and originally started on dishwashing duty at the age of 16. Stef also has a background in hospitality, loves to bake and is very much a people person.

We think it is time for an indoor picnic! Gather your friends for a brunch get-together or enjoy a slice or two of delicious cake. You will not be disappointed. Find them at 6a Mathers Lane, off Liverpool Street (opposite Myer). Open Tuesday through Friday 8 am to 4.30 pm and weekends 8 am to 3 pm.

Mazi Hair

As the quaint saying goes… ‘every cloud has a silver lining’.

The ladies who created Mazí Hair are a fabulous example of how to turn a less than perfect situation into that silver-lined cloud.

These three lovely owners, Alex, Rachael and Larissa, opened their salon late January this year after their former workplace unexpectedly shut down.

‘What was a really disappointing thing in our last job, turned out to be the most positive thing in our lives’, Alex said of their new journey as Mazi Hair.

‘Our name means “together” in Greek and it’s about working together. It’s about working and supporting one another and enjoying our day-to-day jobs’, said the girls.

Between these girls they have 48 years of experience in cutting, styling and colour. They aren’t working with an apprentice at the moment either, so you get personalised service from start to finish.

These girls are all about service, they don’t even answer the phone throughout the day, instead they tend to phone calls in the early morning or afternoon to ensure that their full attention is on their clients.

Larissa tells us that hairdressing has always been a deep desire for the trio. ‘Hairdressing is quite a creative industry, so we really enjoy that side of it and being able to transform someone’s look and make them feel better about themselves is always a really nice feeling’, she said.

Alex tells the Hello Hobart team that she originally begun a university degree, but after coming out of her chemistry exam she knew that she wanted something else, something she felt passionate about. 13 years later, she is happy with her detour into hairdressing. ‘If something doesn’t make you happy, you will never enjoy every day.’

Rachel told us that for her, her decision to go into hairdressing was the result of a bad perm she got. She had to learn how to blow dry the perm straight and after that she was sold on the idea of being a hairdresser.

The elegance of this salon is evident when you walk in the door, the clean colours on the wall and the wooden tones make for an Instagramable location to get your next chop.

‘We sometimes pinch ourselves because it’s not that easy to find a nice space and yet we did. It was obviously it was meant to be!’ said Alex.

To book an appointment with this lovely trio, you can email them, head to their website (mazihair.com.au) or phone (leave a message and they will get back to you).

You can find Mazi Hair at 121 Bathurst Street, Hobart.