Ally & Me
01 Feb | retail |

With an emphasis on natural fibers, natural colours and ethically-made products, Ally and Me has become one of our favourite boutique stores in Centrepoint. If you haven’t discovered this beautiful space, we recommend that you make a visit.

Diane along with her daughter Ally opened the store 6 years ago in Richmond, before moving to the city.

‘We’ve very much opened this whole business as a family. In a way I always say that I started this business to keep Ally with me, so she wouldn’t need to leave Tasmania. Our relationship has simply developed, she’s my best friend’, Diane lovingly told us.

Before starting up Ally & Me, Diane worked for an advertising agency where she did interior design, photography and graphic design until she branched out on her own.

You will find an array of products in store that Diane and Ally have actually designed together. From quality (and so soft) cashmere clothing to jewellery and homewares. In this day and age of ‘fast fashion’, the team at Ally believe it is important to be a conscious shopper and purchase quality clothing pieces. ‘I do believe whole-heartedly in slow fashion’, Diane said.

They have a beautiful range of leather-made goods, such as bags, pillows and ottomans, as well as their Mongolian fur range. The duo are very strict on their ethical practices and use by-products from animals, rather than using animals killed specifically for their fur. Even the cashmere is simply brushed from the underside of the goat.

The cashmere clothing is their own brand called Beech Cashmere. ‘We also have our own factory that we work and it is the only one in Nepal that’s been awarded for ethical practice and the money goes back to the women that are making the cashmere’, Diane told us.

Do yourself a favour and give Ally & Me a visit and support this fantastic local business, they will not disappoint. Located in Centrepoint Shopping Centre, Hobart.

Instagram: @allyandmestore