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Hello Hobart celebrates Hobart, its retail stores, its cafes and restaurants, and everything that makes Hobart special.

The Sanctuary at Alceme

Located at the base of the Alceme building is The Sanctuary at Alceme, home to total bliss.

We spoke with Alice, the owner of this gorgeous space, about what makes this day spa so special.

The Sanctuary is 100% organic and natural. Everything they sell and use is Australian and where possible Tasmanian. They are also a Sodashi spa partner, a luxurious and organic brand where you have to be chosen to be a partner – well done Alice!

Clients can expect to come through the doors and truly ‘switch off’. Treatments on offer include facials, spa packages, beauty treatments, manicures/pedicures and massages.

Hobart Convict Penitentiary

As Halloween approaches we went off to explore parts of Hobart that are renowned for being a little bit spooky. The rule of thumb seems to be that if you find the history, the haunted soon follows.

You have probably walked past the Hobart Convict Penitentiary, located at a busy Hobart intersection, at least a handful of times, but may not have even realised it was there. The original part of the building pre-dates even Port Arthur and has a colourful history to say the least.

Built in 1820, this place is filled to the brim with history (and hauntings) and offers tours both by daylight and at night for their highly recommended ghost tours.

Yes, the Hello Hobart team took on a ghost tour.


If you are a history buff, have a passion for Georgian architecture, or are simply looking for something interesting to do, then take a short walk from the city to Narryna, a house museum in Battery Point.

Hello Hobart went along to meet up with Karyn, House Museums Coordinator, to discuss the history of this beautiful house and the rumours of a resident ghost in preparation for Halloween. 🎃👻

Karyn tells us that Captain Andrew Haig commissioned the build of Narryna after purchasing the land in 1824. Haig was a merchant for the British East-India Company and also built two warehouses, now known as Cargo and Jack Greene, along Salamanca.

Orenda Float Spa

And relax…

Easier said than done we know. We headed over to the new Orenda Float Spa in Soundys Lane (off Elizabeth Mall) to see what they can do to help create some tranquillity in our hectic lives.

Owned and managed by the bubbly Arielle, she sat down with us to discuss what to expect from a float spa and the importance of ‘me time’.

‘Life can get really overwhelming, but going into the float spa, having a massage or beauty treatment can change the way that you see things. The experience can make you more positive, driven and gain more motivation’, tells Arielle.

‘Helping customers relax is what I am most passionate about.’

Theatre Royal

The Theatre Royal has been the home of Hobart theatre since it opened its doors in 1837. In its life it has endured a changing city landscape, escaped demolition several times and even come back after a significant fire. It has played home to countless performances and even a resident ghost!

The future of the theatre is just as exciting and interesting and we wanted to share some of what is to come with our followers.

‘The Theatre Royal belongs to the people, to us all’, says the CEO of the Theatre Royal, Tim Munro, as he describes the new spaces.

Tim took the Hello Hobart team on a fabulous tour of the new Hedberg performing arts centre, which includes a new box office, expanded bars, cloakroom, upgraded and accessible amenities and will also house the UTAS Conservatorium of Music.

Jun Lin Massage

Jun Lin Massage is open 7 days and most days open till late. Located at level 1, 77 Elizabeth Street, Hobart.

In amongst all the hustle and bustle of the city lies Jun Lin Massage off Elizabeth Mall. The team at Jun Lin has just launched Tasmania’s first dry salt therapy room, so we headed along to check it out.

We were greeted by owners of Jun Lin Massage Van and Piers. Piers tells us that he has always had an interest in salt therapy after suffering from lung problems in his early 20s. He investigated a variety of ways to get his illness under control, and every time he came back to using salt therapy.

Firstly, you might be wondering what is dry salt therapy?

Village Cinemas

Village Cinemas is located at 181 Collins Street, Hobart.

If it’s been awhile since you last went to Village Cinemas, we would recommend you visit. Why not make dad’s day this Sunday the perfect excuse?

Village Cinemas are now fully licensed, plus they have a host of new hot food and new fancy seats for every movie, not just Gold Class.

Hello Hobart sat down with Marketing Manager Kim and movie buff staff member David to chat all things cinema. We will say that the more you get to know the faces behind the popcorn stand, the more you fall in love with how passionate this team is.

Area 52

Area 52 is a store that deserves serious recognition. They have created a space for everyone to come and play games in a family-friendly environment right in the heart of the city. Plus, they hold a variety of events, including female-only Dungeons & Dragons night and kid’s only events. Most are free or very low-cost.

Area 52 is also the largest independent seller of pop culture items in Tasmania. You’ll discover:
– a HUGE range of puzzles (we would even go so far as to say the biggest range in Hobart)
– unique board games, including the only place in Hobart that consistently stocks Catan
– a large selection of sci-fi books
– one of the best Manga selections in Australia
– everything you need for Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Marvel fans
– and a library of comic books (with the ability to order in).

Upstairs of Area 52 is dedicated entirely to a ‘play space’. You’ll find a board game library and cute pet guinea pigs.

Everyone is welcome to visit and play a board game with friends. Andrew told us that over summer there were a group of French ship workers who could barely speak English. They came in every day to play board games because, despite their language gap, they understood the games.

Area 52 has been open since the 90s and Andrew has owned it alongside his wife, Jenny, for 6 years. Upon finding out that Area 52 was for sale, Andrew was worried that if it closed there wouldn’t be a space for kids to do something after school or a place in the city to buy comics. So Andrew took it on!

Andrew hails from New York and he brings a passion of getting kids interested in reading with him.

‘I was very lucky growing up and I had a lot of great opportunities and people who kindled my interest in reading, kindled my interest in role playing games, nerd stuff, these types of hobbies and I really wanted to apply that to Hobart. I wanted to bring it here and give people an opportunity to play and do stuff’, said Andrew.

Andrew tells us that his favourite thing about his job is seeing kids grow and succeed. ‘There will be kids that are having trouble in school or not getting along with other people. Then you fast forward a year or two and they will be coming regularly to events and activities, they are getting structure and meeting other kids. They are just full of life. It really gives them something to do.’

And Andrew’s favourite game to play currently? Spirit Island. A game where you play as an angry spirit to try and drive settlers off the island.

Located at 104 Elizabeth Street, Hobart. Check out their FB page for upcoming events


Walk The Line Tattoo

The storefront of a new shop in Liverpool Street, a 1940s American-vibe, catches your eye when you walk past and the Hello Hobart team wanted to find out more. We headed in and interviewed managers Josh & Will, a collaborative team who are great friends and more like roommates than work colleagues. Cue Walk The Line Tattoo.

*no one from the Hello Hobart team got a tattoo in the making of this article…. yet.*

Josh is the tattoo artist who has worked in Hobart for 10+ years’ whilst Will is the in-house piercer. They opened their doors at 147 Liverpool Street just over a month ago.

This duo has a strong motto, their work is not a ‘one size fits all’, they are super friendly and will sit down and discuss your options. They can do something bespoke or if you need some inspiration, Josh has a portfolio of work he is happy to share.

Chatting with Will, we discovered that he is one of the only fully-qualified piercers in the state. He underwent an intensive apprenticeship to learn his skills, including theory, CPR and even learning about blood pathogens to maintain the upmost quality in piercings.

‘We don’t pierce with a piercing gun. It’s much gentler and as a result we have many children getting their earlobes done with us. It is also much more hygienic, even the pens we use to mark the piercing are all disposable’, said Will.

Josh explained that quite often they have people come in for cover-up work with tattoos. ‘People can have all manner of sins they wish to cover up, from bad home jobs to tattoos that they no longer connect to. Of course, we also do cover-ups for people that have had old lovers names tattooed on them.’

We asked Josh what is the most unusual tattoo he has ever done. ‘I’ve had my share of unusual tattoos, but I think the one that takes the cake is a gentleman who wanted a corn kernel with the word ‘unicorn’ written underneath.’

The piercing studio is situated at the rear of the shop in a private space. ‘Often piercing spaces are an after-thought, but we specifically designed the store with this in mind. We didn’t want it to be white like a hospital, but rather have character’, said Will.

White Rabbit Laser Tattoo Removal are also opening up a space in the studio. ‘We have found that sometimes with cover-up jobs it can be difficult to simply tattoo over, so White Rabbit are coming on-board in the coming months to offer their laser removal and lightening.’

If you do make your way for a piercing or tattoo, make sure you ask to use the toilet. It is situated in a very cool private laneway from yesteryear – very hidden Hobart.