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Hello Hobart

Hello Hobart celebrates Hobart, its retail stores, its cafes and restaurants, and everything that makes Hobart special.


Troublesmiths is located at 106 Murray Street, Hobart.

Have you visited the new social enterprise store Troublesmiths? This unique store provides opportunities for young people, aged 15-24, to gain retail and manufacturing experience, all whilst offering up great products for you to purchase in the process!

Enterprise Coordinator Stacey sat down with the Hello Hobart team alongside two of the volunteers, Brayden and Ellie.

Area 52

Area 52 is a store that deserves serious recognition. They have created a space for everyone to come and play games in a family-friendly environment right in the heart of the city. Plus, they hold a variety of events, including female-only Dungeons & Dragons night and kid’s only events. Most are free or very low-cost.

Area 52 is also the largest independent seller of pop culture items in Tasmania. You’ll discover:
– a HUGE range of puzzles (we would even go so far as to say the biggest range in Hobart)
– unique board games, including the only place in Hobart that consistently stocks Catan
– a large selection of sci-fi books
– one of the best Manga selections in Australia
– everything you need for Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and Marvel fans
– and a library of comic books (with the ability to order in).

Upstairs of Area 52 is dedicated entirely to a ‘play space’. You’ll find a board game library and cute pet guinea pigs.

Everyone is welcome to visit and play a board game with friends. Andrew told us that over summer there were a group of French ship workers who could barely speak English. They came in every day to play board games because, despite their language gap, they understood the games.

Area 52 has been open since the 90s and Andrew has owned it alongside his wife, Jenny, for 6 years. Upon finding out that Area 52 was for sale, Andrew was worried that if it closed there wouldn’t be a space for kids to do something after school or a place in the city to buy comics. So Andrew took it on!

Andrew hails from New York and he brings a passion of getting kids interested in reading with him.

‘I was very lucky growing up and I had a lot of great opportunities and people who kindled my interest in reading, kindled my interest in role playing games, nerd stuff, these types of hobbies and I really wanted to apply that to Hobart. I wanted to bring it here and give people an opportunity to play and do stuff’, said Andrew.

Andrew tells us that his favourite thing about his job is seeing kids grow and succeed. ‘There will be kids that are having trouble in school or not getting along with other people. Then you fast forward a year or two and they will be coming regularly to events and activities, they are getting structure and meeting other kids. They are just full of life. It really gives them something to do.’

And Andrew’s favourite game to play currently? Spirit Island. A game where you play as an angry spirit to try and drive settlers off the island.

Located at 104 Elizabeth Street, Hobart. Check out their FB page for upcoming events


The Page & Cup

It isn’t every day that you get to have a Pathway Reading (similar to that of a tarot reading) when you interview a store, but that is exactly what the Hello Hobart team got when we visited the Page & Cup in Elizabeth Street.

Owner Lynn welcomed us in before opening to discover her store prior to our reading. The range offered by the Page & Cup is vast, with an extensive library of books for sale through to teas and antiques.

‘I spend a long time researching every book I stock. I source the books from recommendations and ensure their reviews are strong’, said Lynn.

Lynn tells us that during Dark Mofo a lecturer from Sydney, who is studying paganism, bought six books and commended the Page & Cup on the range of bespoke books not readily found in Australia.

In addition, you’ll find an eclectic mix of antiques that Lynn has hand-picked for the store. She has a passion for Native American culture and is knowledgeable about a whole range of curiosities.

For Lynn, or Mamma Bear as she is affectionately known by, takes her readings with the upmost care and passion.

The Pathway Reading was a new experience for this Hello Hobart team member, not knowing what to expect or do. Lynn was very friendly and explained as we went. Lynn offers a number of different readings, but her most popular one, and the one we experienced, was a 6-card Pathway Reading, which includes 2 questions at the end.

Without devolving any secrets from the reading, we came out leaving more enlightened and with a little ‘nudge’ on some decision-making.

‘I have people who are very moved by the readings, often people will cry or become emotional. One particular customer came to me recently and said that she had been thinking of her reading all year’, said Lynn.

Lynn’s journey to opening the Page & Cup was an unexpected path into retail alongside her readings. ‘I actually came from a background in marketing for 30 + years, but after a series of events, some positive and others not so much, I came to this beautiful space and it is exactly where I was meant to be.’

And the name The Page & Cup? ‘The Page of Cups’ is actually the name of a tarot card. With the blend of both of Lynn’s passions, books and tea, she thought it only fitting to name the store as such.

The Page & Cup hosts a range of guests who run workshops, like the upcoming Soul Exploration Workshop.

Located at 204 Elizabeth Street, Hobart and is open Tuesday through to Sunday.