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Hello Hobart celebrates Hobart, its retail stores, its cafes and restaurants, and everything that makes Hobart special.


Fellini is synonymous with quality and all things Italian. With brands such as Canali, Paul & Shark, Max Mara and Gran Sasso, as well as exclusive lines for Gant and Hugo Boss for women, the store is a treasure trove of luxurious style.

Pina, who owns the store alongside her husband Dino, clearly loves the selection of men and women’s wear that they have, and has built up a reputation for fashion pieces that stand the test of time and can be loved for many years.

A little known fact is that they have a range of merino wool jumpers with a strong Tasmanian connection. The wool is sourced from the midlands and Ross, as well as NSW, and is sent overseas to be woven into quality Italian brand knitwear. She often has farmers come in to buy the jumpers knowing that they might have been made from the very wool that came from their farms.

“There’s wool and then there is wool”, says Pina. “The Italian’s spin wool like no-one else. They triple twist it before it is woven into the fabric and this means that there is less movement in the fibre, it doesn’t pill and can last for years.”

‘Fashion that lasts’ is also one of Fellini’s trademarks. “When you buy something good, it makes you feel good, and you hang onto it and wear it again and again. Some people think that we are expensive but these are quality items that are beautiful and are made to last.”

Pina knows each piece in her store and she knows her customers, many of whom she has known for years, building up a family of regulars that come in for a coffee or a chat, or to feel like they are in Italy and to be inspired by beautiful things. She knows what they will like and what will suit them and will often pick out pieces for them without them even asking. It’s this personal service that has helped them build a loyal following, both locally and interstate.

Fellini man|women is located on 109 Collins Street and is open from 9.30 am – 5.30 pm Monday to Friday and 10 am – 4 pm on Saturdays.

The Page & Cup

It isn’t every day that you get to have a Pathway Reading (similar to that of a tarot reading) when you interview a store, but that is exactly what the Hello Hobart team got when we visited the Page & Cup in Elizabeth Street.

Owner Lynn welcomed us in before opening to discover her store prior to our reading. The range offered by the Page & Cup is vast, with an extensive library of books for sale through to teas and antiques.

‘I spend a long time researching every book I stock. I source the books from recommendations and ensure their reviews are strong’, said Lynn.

Lynn tells us that during Dark Mofo a lecturer from Sydney, who is studying paganism, bought six books and commended the Page & Cup on the range of bespoke books not readily found in Australia.

In addition, you’ll find an eclectic mix of antiques that Lynn has hand-picked for the store. She has a passion for Native American culture and is knowledgeable about a whole range of curiosities.

For Lynn, or Mamma Bear as she is affectionately known by, takes her readings with the upmost care and passion.

The Pathway Reading was a new experience for this Hello Hobart team member, not knowing what to expect or do. Lynn was very friendly and explained as we went. Lynn offers a number of different readings, but her most popular one, and the one we experienced, was a 6-card Pathway Reading, which includes 2 questions at the end.

Without devolving any secrets from the reading, we came out leaving more enlightened and with a little ‘nudge’ on some decision-making.

‘I have people who are very moved by the readings, often people will cry or become emotional. One particular customer came to me recently and said that she had been thinking of her reading all year’, said Lynn.

Lynn’s journey to opening the Page & Cup was an unexpected path into retail alongside her readings. ‘I actually came from a background in marketing for 30 + years, but after a series of events, some positive and others not so much, I came to this beautiful space and it is exactly where I was meant to be.’

And the name The Page & Cup? ‘The Page of Cups’ is actually the name of a tarot card. With the blend of both of Lynn’s passions, books and tea, she thought it only fitting to name the store as such.

The Page & Cup hosts a range of guests who run workshops, like the upcoming Soul Exploration Workshop.

Located at 204 Elizabeth Street, Hobart and is open Tuesday through to Sunday.

Collide Wholefoods

Who has checked out Hobart’s newest health food shop, Collide Wholefoods?

We chatted health and wholefoods with one of the owners, Millie, who has a background in hospitality and helped co-found Hamlet café.

‘This is pretty much an extension of our pantry. It’s being able to give people the convenience of coming in and buying healthy food, as little or as much as they want’, Mille said.

You will find a great array of mostly organic natural healthy goodies and staples at Collide, like grains, chocolates, dehydrated fruits and dry-roasted nuts with no oil. Everything comes in small quantities and kept in stainless steel containers in a controlled, cool environment, keeping products super fresh. They even have a salting station (hello salt lovers!) and also offer delicious smoothies and granola bowls.

Millie’s personal favourite combo is a healthy pick-n-mix of goji berries, dark chocolate and mulberries. She also highly recommends the coconut carob, which is creamy and delicious. They even have Thank-you Jars for on-duty nurses, police, firies and ambulance offices for $3.10, ‘just to say thank you’.

Collide is all about connecting with people, offering natural healthy food and sourcing unique Tasmanian products where they can. Millie tells us that healthy eating is most important to her for the sake of her children. ‘I think we need to take a serious look at our next generation and the education around healthy eating for kids and I hope that we can be part of this’, said Millie.

So it’s time to gather up your glass jars and containers (they do have paper bags and old jars if you need them) and head on down to Collide to stock up on healthy natural wholefoods. Find them at 8A Criterion Street, Hobart.

Chocolate & More

The Hello Hobart team love chocolate and will make up any excuse to get some. Monday? Let’s get chocolate!

We popped by Chocolate & More in Bank Arcade and discovered their dedicated selection of European chocolates right here in Hobart.

Chocolate & More is owned by Suzette and has been open in the charming arcade since 2006. Why does Suzette love chocolate so much? ‘I think it makes you happy, it brings out the endorphins. Chocolate is also great for any and every occasion, whether you are celebrating life, love or loss’, said Suzette.

40 years ago, Suzette opened her first chocolate shop in Hobart (Kandyland) after a trip to Europe where she experienced a beautiful array of great chocolate shops, particularly in Austria. She realised that Hobart didn’t really have a nice chocolate shop, so she decided to change that!

Hidden within this great store you will find a mix between local and international delicacies. Suzette’s favourite chocolates are Simon Coll (offered in both 99% and 70% cocoa with cacao nibs) and Blanxart Chocolates (a Spanish chocolate that is earthy with no preservatives or additives and great for people who are coeliac). We can vouch for the Simon Coll 70% with cocoa nibs, it was absolutely delicious and if you love dark chocolate this is a winner.

Next time you are in need of a chocolate fix or gift, make sure to head to Chocolate & More. Located in the Bank Arcade, Hobart.

A music treasure trove in the centre of the city

Hello Hobart are starting off the week by featuring Tommy Gun Records, a music treasure trove in the centre of the city.

We interviewed owner Adam about his store and his love of music. As novice record listeners here at Hello Hobart, we felt it only fair to ask first up – ‘why are records so popular’?

‘Records have a full range of sound that is unique. If you are listening to a download or steam you are often missing out on getting the highs and the very lows; you aren’t getting the full spectrum of sound. On a good record you really do hear those sparkling highs of a cymbal and the lows of the bass drum and sometimes that can get lost in compressed music’, said Adam.

Adam tells us that records are for everyone and they attract all kinds of people who embrace ‘the record life’.

Tommy Gun is home to both new and second-hand records with over 3,000 titles (it is an enormous collection). They are also the only store in Hobart that sells licensed music t-shirts. Plus you will find a collection of CDs, records players and accessories. Adam will happily order in products for customers but he also sources a wide collection of second-hand products for his customers. Adam will even try and sell your old records for you too.

The store has been open for around 12 years in various locations in Hobart. Originally the store was called ‘Retro Steptoe’, which sold a collection of retro clothing, furniture and music. The music sold so well that Adam decided to concentrate on music alone, changing the name and creating the store as we know it today!

Why the name Tommy Gun Records?
‘It is from the 70s UK punk band The Clash, who had a song called Tommy Gun’, Adam said.

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?
‘Meeting like-minded people who are into music’.

A little bit about owner Adam:
He used to work in public relations, starting out in Hobart. Like many of our counterparts, he then made the move overseas and travelled before ending up back in Sydney and then ultimately moving back home to Tassie.

Adam tell us that he has always had a love for records. ‘I was buying records when people were throwing them out. In the 90s and early 2000s when it was all about CDs and downloads, I would go straight to the secondhand records in the shop rather than any other medium. I have always had an interest in records’.

Visit Adam and see the record collection for yourself at 127 Elizabeth Street, Hobart.