Collide Wholefoods
23 Jan | retail |

Who has checked out Hobart’s newest health food shop, Collide Wholefoods?

We chatted health and wholefoods with one of the owners, Millie, who has a background in hospitality and helped co-found Hamlet café.

‘This is pretty much an extension of our pantry. It’s being able to give people the convenience of coming in and buying healthy food, as little or as much as they want’, Mille said.

You will find a great array of mostly organic natural healthy goodies and staples at Collide, like grains, chocolates, dehydrated fruits and dry-roasted nuts with no oil. Everything comes in small quantities and kept in stainless steel containers in a controlled, cool environment, keeping products super fresh. They even have a salting station (hello salt lovers!) and also offer delicious smoothies and granola bowls.

Millie’s personal favourite combo is a healthy pick-n-mix of goji berries, dark chocolate and mulberries. She also highly recommends the coconut carob, which is creamy and delicious. They even have Thank-you Jars for on-duty nurses, police, firies and ambulance offices for $3.10, ‘just to say thank you’.

Collide is all about connecting with people, offering natural healthy food and sourcing unique Tasmanian products where they can. Millie tells us that healthy eating is most important to her for the sake of her children. ‘I think we need to take a serious look at our next generation and the education around healthy eating for kids and I hope that we can be part of this’, said Millie.

So it’s time to gather up your glass jars and containers (they do have paper bags and old jars if you need them) and head on down to Collide to stock up on healthy natural wholefoods. Find them at 8A Criterion Street, Hobart.