Colour & Cork
07 Nov | experience |

You may have heard of ‘Sip n Paint’ classes before, a fun concept of combining a painting class alongside wine. A good way to get the creative juices flowing and to bring out the inner artist in you.

Rebecca and Naomi have teamed up to create the new Colour & Cork Hobart, a ‘Sip n Paint’ in the heart of Hobart.



Firstly, the space is incredible. Situated in MACq 01 Hotel , the classes make a perfect stylish location for a birthday or hen’s party.

When you arrive you get a funky apron to protect your clothes, brushes, paints and a canvas for you to take home once you have completed your masterpiece. You also are provided with glassware for your drinks as the set-up is BYO and you are welcome to bring your own nibbles too.


How does it work?

The professionally-trained artists walk you through step-by-step what you need to do. The Hello team painted Salamanca Market with the backdrop of kunanyi and the teacher/artist Caitlin was awesome. She talked us through how to do key steps, then she would send us all away to complete the task ourselves. The Colour and Cork team walked around throughout the evening to help wherever required. This Hello Hobart team member was being a bit stingy with the paints, but Naomi came around and fixed that right up.

Oh and we should mention that the tunes are great, the whole room was singing along to some quality ballads by the end – maybe that was encouraged by the wine!

Classes go for around 2 and a half hours and you get so swept up in your artwork that chances are you won’t even look at the clock once.

Head to Colour & Cork’s website to have a look at the gallery of pictures that you can recreate, everything from a kombi van or the Tasman Bridge all the way through to native flowers.

You don’t need to be a Picasso to do this class either, we admired how different everyone interpreted the tasks.

You only need to bring yourself and your favourite beverage, the sessions are great for everyone (18+ unless stated due to the alcohol factor) and will make a great addition to our thriving waterfront.

Located at MACq 01 Hotel, 18 Hunter Street, Hobart.