Rattle Ground

St Davids Park was once filled with gravestones and the cemetery burial plots of long lost souls.

After dark and for two weeks in June it transforms into the subconscious and carnivalesque world full of characters and fantastical mindscapes.

Enter through either the Lion's Gate or the Supreme Court pathway into the wild and beautiful dream of Sabio, called Rattle Ground.

'THE DREAM' is an immersive and expansive landscape with original, idiosyncratic and personalized characters. At the core of the dream is a 360 degree wrap-around narrative, projection-mapped on all sides of the historic rotunda. It's like an unfolding, full-colour picture book hugging the ancient stone walls and consists of almost 20 minutes of sequenced characters moving clockwise and anticlockwise around their internal world, with fantastical representations of well known Hobart landmarks where the everyday turns to magical.

Rattle Ground has its own bars with one-of-a-kind, dream-branded cocktails, spirits and mulled wines, food vans, sweets and savouries.

Tickets: $15 and can be purchased through Humanitix.
For more details on this event and others through the Dark Fringe Festival please visit the Dark Fringe website.









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