Lost Freight Cafe
09 Jul |

Now is the perfect time to explore our own backyard.

What better way to explore than a trip to kunanyi/Mt Wellington on a winter’s day? Add in a well-deserved hot drink or treat from Lost Freight Cafe to warm you up and you have a pretty perfect day

We went on an adventure this week to discover this gem, located at the Springs. Owner Meg (& cute 1-year-old Jack) welcomed us into the boutique shipping container-come-café to chat all things bushwalks and coffee.

‘The elements on the mountain always keep you guessing. All in one day you get a mix of seasons. I love working here and seeing it unfold throughout the day’ | Meg

The team here are like family and they are happy to suggest walks on the mountain with free maps on hand.

You’ll find delicious Zimmah coffee plus light lunch options, such as pies (vegan options available), toasties, cup-of-noodles and of course sweets to refuel you. We have it on good authority that the brownies are fabulous.

Meg’s journey started with Bentwood Coffee, a portable coffee caravan, which would make regular stops at the Springs for a number of years. Then over time, it became apparent that something more permanent would make sense for visitors to the mountain. Fast forward a few years and a number of approval/planning requirements, and we have the Lost Freight you can visit today.

'When the restrictions eased, people could only access the mountain by walking or riding as it was closed to vehicles. So we had stickers made up that said “I climbed 700 m for a coffee”. It was a cheeky way to reward people for making the effort up the mountain in what were difficult days.'

With the amazing location comes with it some unexpected challenges. The crew sometimes can’t trade when the weather is super crazy (thick snow, bushfire risk), then throw in a pandemic and these guys are becoming quite adaptable.

And the name? ‘The freight part is because we are in a shipping container, whilst the lost is a tribute to the fact we are half way up a mountain!’

This place is sure to put you in a good mood. Open 7 days, check their page for opening hours, as well as any updates on any closures due to weather (it is Tassie after all!).