Mana Studio
22 Jul |
Looking for a way to create some calm amongst the crazy 2020?
Mana Studio is a place that can offer just that peace. This awesome yoga, pilates and meditation studio is run by 4 incredible women.

One quarter of this partnership is co-owner Lauren, who gave us the tour and chatted all things yoga.

Firstly though, what can you expect from Mana?
✨ A heated yoga room which is perfect for these cold winter days
✨ Non-heated studio that hosts classes like Flow, Yin, Pilates
✨ Child minding each weekday morning from 9-11.30 am with child carer Karen

✨ In exciting news, the team are about to launch a Reformer Pilates studio too. We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the space (eeek). Sign up to their socials to be kept in the loop.

Lauren is one heat loving girl and had just finished up teaching a school group in the heated yoga room when we arrived.
‘I haven’t spent a winter in Hobart in 14 years. I usually take this opportunity to head to warmer climates to teach or study in India or Indonesia. So the heated yoga room is really saving me’, laughs Lauren who was using the room as her makeshift office between classes.

Lauren’s love of yoga goes back a long way. She tells us that she started out in martial arts and dance, then found that yoga gave her the freedom to be still and understand herself better. ‘I love teaching yoga because I have the ability to share my learning with others. For me yoga is everything, my friends, my career, my hobby and my community’.

We asked Lauren what her favourite class is. ‘It really depends on my energy and the season. For example, this week I am excited for the Yin class because I need to wind down after working all weekend.'
Like everyone, covid impacted Mana with the mandatory shutdowns. The Mana team promptly put together an online platform to share their classes with their community. At one point they had an incredible 300 members online.
The classes are now resuming in person and the team have been excited to welcome everyone back. If you prefer though, they are also keeping their online classes.
‘People have come back with a different pace of life after covid. They want to slow down. The students missed being in the room with other yogis without the distractions of home life.’
Lauren is also a qualified yoga teacher trainer – in fact, the only one in the state. ‘It is such a privilege to have Lauren as not only a teacher trainer but also doing classes for our members’, says fellow co-owner Kate.
And the name? Mana is a Polynesian word meaning a spiritual life force that we all have within us.
You will find the studio above Chemist Warehouse in Murray Street, access is via a driveway between Chemist Warehouse and Hop, Vine & Still. Book online prior to your classes.
See you on the mat.