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Frequently Asked Questions
    What is Passport to Hobart?

    Passport to Hobart is a marketing campaign to encourage people to dine out in in Hobart cafes, restaurants and bars.

    • Passport to Hobart is a digital reward program and uses a phone app called ‘Stamp Me’.
    • Every time a customer spends over $20 at a participating venue they can earn one stamp on their digital passport.
    • Customers collect 3 stamps to earn a $20 Reward Voucher.
    • As a special incentive to early birds, a $10 Welcome Voucher will be available to the first 2,500 downloads of the app, which can be used at participating venues.
    • Terms and conditions apply.

    This campaign will be run under the City’s marketing program Hello Hobart.

    When will it run?

    The campaign will launch on 10 am Wednesday 23 March 2022 until midnight 8 May 2022 or until such time as the vouchers are allocated, whichever comes first.

    What is expected of me as a business?

    If you are one of the participating businesses, we ask that you will undertake the following:

    • Set up your POS system to include the Passport to Hobart $10 and $20 vouchers
    • Train your staff to ensure that the program is as successful as possible
    • Display marketing collateral on your counter to promote the program
    • Share on your social media accounts that you are participating in the campaign (we will provide you with social media images)
    • Honour vouchers that are redeemed in store and process through your POS
    • Provide the Passport to Hobart QR code to customers that make a valid purchase in the campaign period so they can record it through the app
    • Keep a record of the number of vouchers redeemed in store (this figure will be cross checked against the Stamp Me system)
    • Invoice the City of Hobart on a fortnightly basis for the total value of vouchers redeemed in that time period
    How is the campaign different to last year?

    It will now be easier for people to earn rewards through this loyalty program.

    For this campaign people will be required to earn 3 stamps before they earn a $20 reward, rather than the previous campaign where they had to earn 5 stamps.

    This will deliver more frequent incentives to people and encourage them to dine out more regularly.

    Does it cost anything to participate?

    No. We will provide you with everything you require including your unique QR code, counter collateral and a window decal.

    We will also reimburse you for the vouchers that are redeemed in your venue.

    What are the eligibility criteria to participate?

    Venues will need to meet the following eligibility criteria to participate in Passport to Hobart campaign. The venue must:

    • Serve meals and/or beverages as their primary purpose for trading (for example, a café, restaurant or bar)
    • If the venue sells alcoholic beverages, the venue must also serve meals
    • Have a permanent physical location in the Hobart City municipal area where customers would come to be served meals/drinks (in either a dine-in/take-away capacity)
    • Have an ABN that is registered in Tasmania that is currently active.
    • Will be open a minimum of 4 days each week (excluding public holidays) in the campaign period
    • Agree to train all front-of-house staff on the program to ensure they are aware of how it operates
    • Be willing to agree to the terms of engagement for the campaign
    • Have a COVID-19 safety plan
    • Have a current Food Business Registration with no outstanding fees
    I am closed some days over the campaign period, can I still participate?

    Yes, although you must be operating four days a week to participate in the campaign.

    I sell alcohol, can I participate?

    Yes, so long as you also serve meals (not snacks). For example, a bar would be eligible, so long as they also have a food menu (that may offer items such as burgers and pizzas).

    How many venues can participate?

    The campaign is limited to 75 businesses. As a result, we are opening up the expression of interest at one time to all businesses that meet the criteria. This way, it is simply a ‘first-in, best-dressed’. We will have a waitlist, so that if businesses cannot proceed, we can go down the list.

    How many vouchers can I expect will be redeemed in my venue?

    In total, there are 2,500 x $10 Welcome Vouchers and 1,500 x $20 Reward Vouchers to give away to participants. We cannot guarantee where these will be spent and the value that will be redeemed in each venue. The program will be encouraging the community to ‘share the love’ around participating venues and we will include a directory of participating venues on the Hello Hobart webpage.

    How will you be promoting Passport to Hobart?

    We will be investing in promoting the campaign through a number of channels. This will include social media, radio, printed materials and promotion through a number of digital screens in the city. We also work closely with other groups in the city who help us share the good word.

    How does my store get reimbursed for vouchers claimed?

    Your store will need to process vouchers through your POS machine and submit a report and an invoice each fortnight. This will be checked against the vouchers being redeemed through the app and then your store will receive payment.

    How can I get involved?

    The expression of interest will open from 10 am Tuesday 22 February 2022 and will be on a ‘first-in, best-dressed’ scenario. There are a small number of eligibility criteria that will need to be meet.

    If you are one of the first 75 eligible businesses to sign up, after we have checked your eligibility we will notify you in writing. You will be supplied with the terms and conditions and a contract that will need to be returned.

    What training will be provided?

    We will provide step by step guide and prior to the campaign start date, we will organise a time to brief you on the campaign and run you through what is required.

    We will also provide you with the marketing collateral to be displayed in your store and your unique store QR code.

    I own more than one venue, how do I sign up multiple venues?

    Each venue, assuming it meets the eligibility criteria, would be entitled to participate. Each venue will need to fill out an individual expression of interest form though, you cannot fill out one form for multiple venues.

    Contact for more information

    If you have any further questions, please contact either:

    The Hello Hobart Team on 6238 2989 or[email protected].

    The Business Concierge on 6238 2547 at [email protected]