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Hello Hobart celebrates Hobart, its retail stores, its cafes and restaurants, and everything that makes Hobart special.

Participating Businesses

It is simple to start your adventure!

Download the Stamp Me App at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, register, then join Hello Hobart’s Passport to Hobart!

Early birds will get a $10 Welcome Voucher which will appear in the Rewards section and can be used at any of the Passport to Hobart participating venues (minimum spend is $20 to redeem voucher).

Continue your journey by collecting 5 stamps on your digital passport at participating venues to get a $20 Reward voucher.

Simply make a purchase of $20 or more to collect a stamp (maximum of one stamp per day).

The campaign will run until midnight 28 February 2021, or until vouchers are all gone.

You can join the campaign by hitting ‘Explore new offers’ or by scanning this QR code:

How does it work?
    Stamp Me App Instructions

    To view a detailed instruction diagram, please click here.

    What is the difference between the vouchers?

    There are two types of vouchers available:

    $10 Welcome Vouchers – these vouchers are available to the first 3,500 people who download the application and join the Hello Hobart Passport to Hobart program.

    $20 Reward Vouchers – these vouchers are available to participants who collect 5 stamps on their digital passport. A stamp can be collected by making a purchase of $20 or more at participating venues. There are 1,750 Reward Vouchers to be awarded in the campaign period.

    Do I need to make a minimum purchase to redeem a voucher?

    Yes, regardless of which voucher you wish to redeem, you must be making a purchase of at least $20 including GST at the venue.

    Is there a maximum amount of stamps that I can collect in one day?

    Yes, you can only collect one stamp per day.

    What date does my voucher expire?

    All vouchers, regardless of when you receive them, will expire midnight 28 February 2021. We ask that you ensure you have spent your voucher at a participating venue prior to this time.

    What is considered an eligible purchase?

    As this is a food & beverage campaign to encourage you to explore Hobart and dine out, an eligible purchase must be for food/beverages that are prepared. It is not for grocery items or retail items.

    Can I redeem multiple vouchers at once?

    No, you can only use one voucher at a time. Share the love and come back to the venue again before the campaign period ends to redeem other vouchers.

    Is there a maximum number of vouchers I can get?

    Each person may only get the $10 Welcome Voucher once. The $20 Reward Voucher, however, can be earned multiple times throughout the campaign period, as long as the funds are still available. Once you have collected 5 stamps, your passport will reset and you can keep on stamping!

    Can I use a voucher and collect a stamp?

    Unfortunately, no. You must make a choice about whether you would like to redeem a voucher or get a stamp – it is one or the other.

    Can I get multiple stamps if I spend $40 or more?

    Nope! It is one stamp per bill, regardless of the amount.

    What about split bills?

    If a venue offers split bills, you may only collect one (1) stamp per bill, regardless of how many people it is split across.
    The same applies if you are redeeming a voucher, only one (1) voucher can be used for the entire bill, regardless of the number of people who may have vouchers.

    Is there a minimum age?

    Yes, you must be 18 years or older to participate in this campaign.

    Why a digital passport and what information do you require to sign up?

    Hello Hobart has chosen a digital application/passport because it ensures the program is ‘contact-less’, allowing us to operate a safe program in the current environment.

    In order to register your account, we only require your name and email – that is it!

    Full Terms and Conditions

    The Passport to Hobart terms and conditions are available here.

    What if I have any questions or concerns?

    Feel free to contact our Business Team on [email protected] or 03 6238 2711.

    Information for Venue Operators