Pilgrims Progress
26 Jun | eats |

There is nothing more divine than the smell of freshly baked pies at 12 pm, or 5 pm or even 2 am. At Pilgrims Progress, a new 24-hour pie and coffee location in Hobart, you can get just that. Served up by Will and the team, famous from Pilgrim Coffee and Queens Pastry.

The new eatery is located at the entrance to The Hanging Garden and is cohabitating alongside Mona. ‘David Walsh actually suggested the name Pilgrims Progress and what Walshy wants, Walshy gets!’ said Will.

We asked Will why pies? ‘Basically, I love pies, they are delicious. I used to party a lot when I was younger and I loved going to The Salamanca Bakehouse. Now that it is shut down, there is a massive hole in the market. I am hoping to re-create some of that magic here’, said Will. Will tells us that part of the appeal of opening later is actually to service people who don’t work 9-5.

‘I really like the idea of actually being able to help people who are helping the community, such as emergency services. We offer a 20% discount to paramedics, police and firefighters.’ Both the filling and pastry in these pies are made at Queen’s, then they are crimped and baked onsite. The gravy in the pies takes 2 days to make and they use only proper butter-based pastry.

Thanks to the Executive Chef at the Pilgrim Group, Clinton, flavours you’ll regularly see in the cabinet include:

  • Beef, pinot & rosemary
  • Roast chicken, leek and bacon
  • Kennebec & butter cottage pie
  • Curried lentil and seasoned root vegetables.

They are also working on some more interesting flavours for the future, such as mac and cheese and scallop gumbo pie.

In all of our venues we have all of our production on display. Part of that is there’s such a long history of dodgy food operators and it’s disgusting. So having things on display helps build trust in customers so they can see we have an emphasis on freshness’, said Will. Will is not short of his fair share of highs and lows, having suffered from a sudden cardiac arrest and subsequent brain injury a few years ago.

But Will credits his partners, who are often long- term employees, for their assistance in helping with the Pilgrim Group’s success.

Pilgrims Progress is open 24 hours and is located at 112 Murray Street, Hobart.

Photo credit: Pilgrims Progress