Pollen Tea Room
17 Jul | eats |

Pollen Tea Room owner Abbey took us in on a cold winter’s day this week to show us around this gorgeous heritage-listed cottage in Battery Point.

The menu at Pollen is full of earnest, wholesome food and drink, and of course they do tea, and they do it really well. Abbey is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to tea knowledge.

‘If you forget your lunch or you don’t have time to make something that is nourishing, we have it. We don’t want people to feel indulgent when they eat our foods, but rather you can eat our food day-in, day-out’ | Abbey

She brewed for us an immunity tea, filled with ginger, turmeric, black pepper and lemon. This one is sure to ward off any nasty bugs. With the addition of your own personal tea timer, you know when the tea is perfectly steeped and ready for drinking.

A favourite on rotation at the moment is their unique take on a pumpkin tart. They were already sold out the day we were there, so instead we opted for a mocha bliss ball (10/10).

The team makes their own almond milk, coconut yoghurt, kimchi, sauerkraut and nut butters in-house. Also, they don’t charge extra for your milk choice (a win for this almond flat-white girl). Abbey tells us that the house-made hot chocolate goes perfectly with the almond milk.

The cottage seats people indoors or if you prefer some fresh air, the courtyard is perfect. The courtyard is also home to a small garden, which, when in season, produces herbs and other produce that feature in the dishes.

Throughout the pandemic, Pollen Tea Room created an online ordering system where you can either pick-up or have delivered the same quality nutritious food at home. Many regulars have enjoyed this service and Abbey and her team have decided to keep it up. Check out the menu on their website to place an order.

Located at 56 Hampden Road, Battery Point. Open Mon – Sat from 7.30 am.