Rae’s Florest
01 Mar | lifestyle |

?Meet Tania, the owner of Rae’s Florist, the oldest trading florist in Hobart. This adorable store in Bank Arcade has been selling flowers since the early 70s and is still today brightening patient’s rooms, worker’s office desks, family’s homes and putting smiles on people’s faces. ?

At such a good location with close proximity to the hospital, this florist is a Hobart institution. Tania and her colleague, Sam, can make up a bunch while you wait, or even do same day deliveries before 2pm. The team also stock a range of potted plants right in the heart of the city.

Supporting local Tasmanian growers, Rae’s Florist carries almost all Tasmanian-grown products. ‘Tasmania grows some of the best flowers in the world. Plus imported flowers are laced with nasty chemicals to allow them into the state. I am very passionate about supporting local growers. Our roses, for example, are from Launceston’, said Tania.

Tania’s mum purchased Rae’s Florist back in 1986. ‘I came to work with mum after year 11 as I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I had a 1-year plan and 26 years later I am still here!’ said Tania. Her cousin has also taken over the family business of growing flowers in Launceston, so flowers are really a fundamental part of this family.

Tania is also passionate about keeping flowers affordable with bunches starting at $10. ?

We asked Tania where she gets inspiration from when building her bouquets ?. ‘When I was doing my apprenticeship I had some very talented teachers and they really taught me how to look to nature for inspiration. Looking at the shapes and forms that occur in nature. Sometimes it comes from the strangest place, like really just looking at the flowers you’ve got and imagining what you can do with them’, answered Tania.

Brighten up your day with a bunch of florals, or a potted succulent, chocolate, teddy bear or even a toy sloth. ???

Located in Bank Arcade, Hobart and open Monday through to Friday.