Yang’s Dumplings
10 Jan |

Besides the taste, watching dumplings get made is our favourite thing about dumpling restaurants ???. At the recently opened Yang’s Dumpling, you will be mesmerised by watching the chefs roll, stuff and craft the dumplings into delightful little morsels. It is like its own performance before dinner!

Famous in Shanghai for their tasty dumplings, this franchise has finally made its way to Hobart. Making their dumplings daily onsite, in view of the restaurant, you know the food is fresh. Plus, it has no MSG whatsoever.

Yang’s Dumplings started in 1994 in an area famous for its snack food by Mrs Yang and are now renowned worldwide for having some of the best buns around. We sat down before Yang’s opened for the day to chat with one of the owners, Carina, about Yang’s.

‘We went to the Yang’s Dumpling headquarters in Sydney and explained how passionate we were about opening a store in Hobart. They agreed and now here we are!’, says Carina.

Carina tells us that this journey started after studying IT at UTAS. She fell in love with Hobart and wanted to live here and raise her family. Despite her love for Australia, she missed the flavours of Shanghai and her childhood, so this was an obvious path for her.

‘I wanted to find a balance between work and lifestyle and Tasmania was the perfect fit for me’, said Carina.

On the Yang’s menu you will find an array of dumplings of all sizes and styles including pan fried pork buns, steamed buns and wonton soup. They have a handful of vegetarian options such as spicy vegetable dumplings in red chilli oil. For those who are vegan, they are working on an option over the coming months.

If you are looking for something sweet to finish off your meal, they have gorgeous custard buns (shaped like pigs) and also buns with condensed milk, which came highly recommended by our fellow Hello Hobart colleague.

Each of their chefs head off to Sydney for training where they return to make the dumplings that Yang’s has become synonymous for. Carina tells us that the Yang’s headquarters encourage the restaurants to experiment with local flavours. For Hobart, Carina is thinking of scallops or something similar as a nod to our amazing produce.

The restaurant is a cute place to eat your lunch or dinner filled with bright pink décor and images of Shanghai. Plus there are over 40 steam baskets adorning the ceiling (which the team attached by hand)!

The logo is also adorable, if you look closely it is not only the obvious dumpling but a smiley face and the Chinese character meaning ‘dumpling’.

Located at 40 Elizabeth Street – in Elizabeth Mall. Open Monday to Saturday 11am – 8 pm and Sunday 11 am to 3 pm. Go on and get your dumpling fix!