“Tasmanians are incredibly generous.”

And it only takes a quick look around Salvos New Town to see just how generous Tassie locals can be.

At Salvos, you will find unique clothing items including vintage pieces, alongside useful homewares and sturdy well-made furniture.

Kerry Foster, who has managed the New Town Salvos for nineteen years, took time out of her busy day to chat with Hello Hobart.

“This Salvos Store has been in this same location for over fifty years, which means it is not just a store, it is a meeting place for our community.”

“We have people who come in every day, just to see a familiar face and have a chat. Some of these people might be lonely, but they know they will always be welcomed here with a smile.”

Some might not know that the money they spend at Salvos stores goes back into the community.

“Anything we make here, feeds back into the community programs that Salvos offer to assist people.”

“If people come in needing help, we have Salvos services we can refer them to and once they have participated [in a program], we often see them back in store, getting the things they need for their next chapter – which is great to see.”

There is an undeniable sense of anticipation when you walk into an op shop – you never know what one-of-a-kind gem you might find.

“We recently had a $800 blood orange and bright red ball gown donated that had never been worn – new with tags! It sold within 30 minutes for less than one quarter of the original price.”

For some, searching the racks is a hobby, for others it is about sustainability and giving pre-loved items a second life.

In recent years, Salvos have stepped up their recycling efforts, sorting clothing and items not fit for the shop, so they can be diverted from landfill and recycled.

“Items like burnt pots and pans can even be recycled now – which is fantastic.” If you are new to op shopping, Kerry has some great insider tips to get you started.

“Look for the $2 rack on Mondays and Tuesdays. Students get a 20% discount on Wednesdays and pensioners get 20% off on Thursdays.” We love a bargain.

“The tags are coloured in Salvos stores and the colours relate to when the item was put out in the store. Each week we have a half-price colour, which means you can snag a great deal- it also keeps our stock fresh and interesting – it’s a win-win situation!”

Make sure you have enough time to explore the store properly when you visit – a trip to Salvos cannot, and must not, be rushed.

Sifting through the racks can be thirsty work and a trip to Salvos can easily be combined with a coffee or lunch date at Greenstore café – conveniently located across the road and easily accessed via a new pedestrian crossing.

“I am loving the new crossing out the front of the store. I can get across to Greenstore for my coffee break and I think we will see lot of people, especially our regulars, using the footpath seating.”

The Salvo Store is now open seven days a week, and Kerry encourages you to come in for a look.

“You never know what treasure you are going to find. Something from the 1950s, through to a brand-new item that is half the retail price…

“…that’s the beauty of op-shopping, you never know what you might find!”

Salvos New Town is located at 115-117 New Town Road, New Town.