Mid-town is slowly becoming Hobart’s café district. With so many choices, the challenge lies in picking the perfect spot for your coffee adventure.

But fear not, we’ve found a hidden gem for you!

Nestled near the corner of Elizabeth and Patrick Street, Sachié provides a unique twist on your usual café menu – a culinary fusion of Japanese and French cuisine. 

The menu contains dishes from both cultures. With the Japanese bento box being their signature savoury dish. Intrigued by the combo – Hello Hobart sat with partners in business and life Sakoto and Caroline to get the deets on Sachié.

“People come in expecting café food like ham sandwiches, but they are greeted with a colourful bento box”.

Most ingredients are locally sourced from the Farmgate Market.

Caroline is the in-house baker, tackling the sweet side of the menu. Specialising in authentic European home-baked treats, but you MUST get in quick as her Swedish-style cinnamon buns are selling out daily!

“We’re getting customers calling ahead asking if we can save them some”.

They’ve slowly established their unique combination of savoury Japanese food and European style pastries; they also offer a damn good cup of coffee.

“Specialty coffee is the Australian element that connects the two”.

Sachié use a special custom blend of coffee beans from Hobart’s renowned roasters – Villino.

Amazing food combo and locally roasted coffee aside – Sachié also carries a touching tale. Where life imitates art as the story behind the café is like one out of the movies – literally!

The name Sachié comes from the main character of the film Kamome Diner, a story that follows a Japanese woman who single-handedly establishes a new café serving Japanese-style food in Finland. The business starts out slow until Sachié starts to develop a strong relationship with the customers. Over the course of the film, the café gradually gains more customers as Sachié forges friendships with the locals.

Much like the film, Sachié Café shares a similar origin story.

Their story begins in Japan, where Satoko, fuelled by her love of hospitality quit her full-time office job to embark on a new life journey in Tassie to serve coffee at a café called Shoebox. Having a background in Hospitality, she longed for that customer interaction and connection. 18 months later her boss asked if she would like to take over the small business.

Similar to Satoko, Caroline was doing something completely different before coming to the little café on Elizabeth Street.

“Less than 12 months ago, I was a research scientist at the University of Tasmania”.

Much like the film, the couple saw their business flourish once they developed a strong repour with the locals.

“The customers are what get us out of bed everyday”.

They’ve gotten to know their regulars, who often pop in just for a chat with the owners.

The sense of community is strong in Mid-town, local businesses helping each other out when needed. Recently Simple Cider hosted an event and asked the couple at Sachié to provide catering.

“We don’t typically do catering, but it was for a good cause for the neighbours up the road”.

Whether you’re seeking a unique culinary fusion, heart-warming stories, or simply a cosy spot to enjoy a cuppa, Sachié is Mid-town’s ultimate destination.

You’ll find Sachié at 211A Elizabeth St, open from 7 am – 3 pm, Monday – Friday.