It’s no secret that Hobart has become a thrifting hotspot recently, with several vintage and second-hand shops scattered across the city. There’s a growing community amongst Hobart thrifters, leading to the creation of second-hand markets and the opening of new vintage stores. One store in particular has grown a mass following.

So today we’re headed to one of the longest-running vintage shops in Hobart. With a rich history spanning over 25 years, and having seen many different changes in ownership and location, Hello Gorgeous Vintage has become an institution in Hobart as the ultimate retro fashion destination! 

Most recently bought by Asia Mycak, who turned her hobby into a job after packing up her life in Melbourne and leaving her decade-long career as a sleep scientist. Asia returned to her roots in Hobart and took over the locally renowned vintage store.

Asia’s connection to the store began over 15 years ago when she was a beloved regular customer and fostered a close friendship with Camille the previous owner.  

 “I told Camille years ago that if she were ever interested in selling the shop, I would buy it from her”.

A dream that started as a casual conversation became a reality when Camille decided to pursue a nursing degree and passed on the torch. 

Asia intends to continue Camille’s legacy and vision for the store, curating beautiful and selective classic vintage styles that stand out and are mostly locally sourced. Hello Gorgeous are renowned for their top-quality second-hand pieces. With ready-to-wear items, being laundered and repaired before hitting the shop floor. 

“I really want this to be a beautiful, fun, and welcoming space”.

And it’s hard not to feel welcome when entering the store, a vibrant and inviting space overlooking Liverpool Street, that caters to all sizes and genders, with a particular emphasis on expanding the collection of men’s and plus-sized vintage pieces. 

“It’s such a small space, so I have to be selective about what pieces I include”. 

But despite the limited space, Asia maintains a careful selection process for the store, ensuring each piece aligns with the store’s distinctive charm. 

When she’s not selling thrifted gems, Asia juggles being a single mum whilst currently undertaking her master’s in social work and working at a women’s shelter. 

“I have my two dream jobs!”. 

Vintage fashion has been Asia’s lifelong passion. Starting from wearing her mum’s vintage clothes, to getting her first real job at the age of 17 working for the Hobart Tip shop. 

“That job taught me about all things vintage, and I’ve been in love with it ever since”.

She went on to complete a diploma in clothing production and fashion. Even when she pursued her career in Sleep Science in Melbourne, she persisted with her passion by holding a vintage clothing stall at the monthly Fitzroy markets. 

We asked Asia to spill some trade secrets when it comes to finding the best vintage gems.

“Looking at the fabric, textures, and construction and stitchwork is important as it shows the quality of the item”. 

She suggests looking at labels and brands, as well as the sewing which can indicate if it’s vintage or not. 

Vintage shopping is a hands-on sport! Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and feel for textures such as lace, velvet, silk, and corduroy just to name a few. 

“It’s all about textures, prints, fabrics, and colours” Asia shares.

So what’s next for the store? Watch this space as Hello Gorgeous Vintage are also opening an online store in the coming months. 

If you’re looking for something totally unique, well-made, and full of charm, you’ll find it at Hello Gorgeous Vintage.

Check them out on the 1st Floor/147 Liverpool St, Hobart