Esteem coffee is a coffee shop with a cause!  

With the heartfelt mission to become a community hub for locals, migrants and refugees alike, Esteem Coffee is a multicultural cafe, providing a vibrant blend of culture, creativity and of course, caffeine.  

Nestled between the Baptist Church and an old schoolhouse on Elizabeth Street, you’ll find Esteem Coffee hiding under a large old tree on the busy NoHo strip. 

Welcoming everyone through the door is founder Kelvin Smith from City Networks. 

“Community connection builds self-esteem and Esteem Coffee is here to offer that experience in a supportive environment.” 

Inside the light-filled heritage building, you’ll find service with a smile.  

 “We use the Mocopan Smooth As coffee, paired with baked goods from Brownie Point in Moonah and cold Karma Drinks.” 

Our presonal favourite? The freshly made avocado, mango and berry smoothie – smooth and refreshing on a hot summer’s day! 

We also love the concept of their Community Request Box – a literal wooden box where anyone is welcome to submit an offer or make a request. 

“We have a local guitarist who plays live music because he offered to do it through the Request Box. 

“Some have requested extra help with gardening or for assistance with difficult forms or paperwork.”  

Esteem collaborates with the Multicultural Council of Tasmania, who help empower our culturally diverse community. 

“At Esteem, someone who has recently arrived in Tasmania can volunteer and receive hospitality training. 

“Volunteering also helps them practice their language skills and make connections with customers – who could be from Sandy Bay or Sierra Leone!” 

The Esteem Coffee community is growing and so are their culinary offerings! Once a month, the café is transformed into an evening venue for long table dinners hosted by cooks from around the world. 

“Food connects us all and these evenings are all about connecting through delicious food and conversation.” 

Fancy trying traditional Eritrean dishes? Chef Selam Gebreyosus will be hosting the next long table pop-up dinner on Sunday 18 February from 6.30 pm. The long table evenings at Esteem offer diners a truly memorable meal in a beautiful and relaxed environment. Tickets are only $40 per person and bookings are essential. To book, call Elle on 0499 540 930. 

Within the church complex where Esteem is located, there are many spaces available for public hire, including the dance hall and large outdoor deck. The Esteem team can curate a perfect menu to cater for events within the space, including multicultural menu options from Bangladesh, Guyana, Palestine, Syria and Peru – just to name a few! 

Esteem is open 9-2 pm Monday to Friday. Keep up to date on any upcoming events via their Facebook page.