Feeling the chill? Want to learn a new skill? Then check out Anne’s Room – your place for all things crochet!  

Anne’s Room feels like a cosy oasis (complete with relaxing piano music…), and you’ll find it tucked just off Sandy Bay Road.  

Anne’s Room is run by Anne (surprise!) and has been open for around a year and a half. Here, you’ll find all manner of crochet goods available to purchase – we’re talking, cardigans, scarves, jumpers, beanie, coasters… the list goes on! 

Originally from South Korea, Anne always had a passion for craft and creativity. She learnt crochet skills from her mum (“it was before we had anything like YouTube!”) and remembers making a backpack for herself at age 14.  

“I loved choosing different unique colour combinations and making pencil cases for my friends.” 

Since learning how to crochet, Anne has always had the desire to make and sell crochet goods more widely. 

“It has been my dream since I was young, to open a store like this… I love being able to pass on my crochet skills to others.” 

Anne runs crochet workshops most days, as well as running an afternoon program for kids. Her workshops are open to all, with classes for the “very” beginner right through to advanced.  

“Crocheting is my favourite craft – my main job is making jumpers, cardigans, blankets and bags.” 

Anne is also open for commissions. 

“I’m just in the process of completing a commission at the moment – someone asked me to crochet their pet on a jumper– a Siamese cat!” 

“I’m also working on a jumper that features a person’s family tartan and thistle flowers – the national flower of Scotland.” 

For the first time, Anne is partnering up with Preachers to offer a workshop event on the iconic pub bus. On 21 July from 2 pm – 4 pm, you can join Anne for a workshop to learn how to crochet your own beanie on the bus!  

“We’ll be making beanies and drinking beer on the bus – what’s not to love?” 

Tickets are available via Eventbrite or via the Preacher’s Instagram page

If you’re keen to cosy up and crochet, have a look at Anne’s Instagram page for more information about her workshops (a great gift idea!), or drop into her shop and have a squiz at some of her unique crochet products. Cosy and inviting, It’s the perfect spot for a spot of shopping or to join a workshop. 

You can find Anne’s Room at 54 Sandy Bay Road or check her out at @annesroom.tas on Instagram.