Fellini Fashion is located in the heart of Hobart and has luxury Italian apparel for both men and women.

Fashion labels include Boss Woman, Hugo Man, Canali, Paul & Shark, Marella, Max Mara Weekend, GANT, Gran Sasso, Buti Bags and Gianni Chiarini.

Our interview

Originally published on July 8 2019.

Fellini is synonymous with quality and all things Italian. With brands such as Canali, Paul & Shark, Max Mara and Gran Sasso, as well as exclusive lines for Gant and Hugo Boss for women, the store is a treasure trove of luxurious style.

Pina, who owns the store alongside her husband Dino, clearly loves the selection of men and women’s wear that they have, and has built up a reputation for fashion pieces that stand the test of time and can be loved for many years.

A little known fact is that they have a range of merino wool jumpers with a strong Tasmanian connection. The wool is sourced from the midlands and Ross, as well as NSW, and is sent overseas to be woven into quality Italian brand knitwear. She often has farmers come in to buy the jumpers knowing that they might have been made from the very wool that came from their farms.

“There’s wool and then there is wool,” says Pina. “The Italian’s spin wool like no-one else. They triple twist it before it is woven into the fabric and this means that there is less movement in the fibre, it doesn’t pill and can last for years.”

‘Fashion that lasts’ is also one of Fellini’s trademarks. “When you buy something good, it makes you feel good, and you hang onto it and wear it again and again. Some people think that we are expensive but these are quality items that are beautiful and are made to last.”

Pina knows each piece in her store and she knows her customers, many of whom she has known for years, building up a family of regulars that come in for a coffee or a chat, or to feel like they are in Italy and to be inspired by beautiful things. She knows what they will like and what will suit them and will often pick out pieces for them without them even asking. It’s this personal service that has helped them build a loyal following, both locally and interstate.