Kinoko Deli is your one-stop-shop for delicious Japanese inspired lunches, Japanese grocery items and drinks. 

Our Interview

Originally published 2 December 2020. 

If you have been to Kinoko Deli, you’ll know that the food speaks for itself. This great café has recently extended its footprint to the space next door meaning they are able to offer a whole host of new foods and products worthy of calling in. 

Kinoko Deli have been cooking delicious Japanese inspired food and supplying Japanese grocery items to the Hobart community for around 7 years. The team are super friendly and offer great customer service with a smile. 

The bento boxes are definitely a fan favourite. Hot dish options for the bento include teriyaki Nichols chicken, ginger-fried Scottsdale pork, stir-fried squid and broccoli, salmon croquette, vegetarian savory pancake and agedashi koya tofu with mushroom sauce. 

Whilst the salads include a chickpea with apple and celery, fried sweet potato with sweet and sour sauce and soba buckwheat noodle salad with homemade sesame dressing. All highly recommended by the Hello Hobart team! 

Aside from bento, they have a yummy range of locally made Japanese-inspired sausages such as Tassie Wagyu (Tasmanian pepper berry beef and wakame sausage topped with pickles, grated daikon and yuzuponzu) and Mame Veggie (edamame and renkon sausage topped with onion, Tasmanian wasabi cheese and crispy enoki mushroom). It’s safe to say that the food choices are big and sure to impress. 

Everything is made fresh each day, so when it’s gone, it’s gone (until the next day). If you have a dietary requirement, just let them know and they will walk you through what options you have to choose. 

Their specialty coffee is not to be missed either and the latte art will impress. You will find a collection of other unique drinks with a Japanese twist on offer such as yuzu citrus sencha and a morning matcha smoothie. 

Their wonderland of Japanese groceries stocks basic items that allows you to create and make Japanese meals at home, and don’t miss the yummy and unique Japanese snacks. It’s your one-stop shop for authentic Japanese products and is fun simply to explore around. 

The newly opened gift shop stocks beautiful Japanese products, with the majority being made in Japan. Many products have the kawaii factor (Japanese for cute), such as popular adorable animal mugs. You’ll find vases, bowls, mugs, plates, chopsticks and towels, among other beautiful products. 

Trust us, you will need to head to Kinoko Deli and experience the delicious food and drink options available and cast your eyes on the array of beautiful Japanese products. Find them open 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday, in Trafalgar on Collins, 108 Collins Street, Hobart.