Nova Holistic Spa is a tranquil boutique oasis day spa haven in the heart of the city.

Tucked away down a gorgeous sandstone side alley (beside the Georgian building) are the luxurious, white painted sandstone wall basement studios featuring our two bespoke treatment rooms: Temple room and afire room, and the cosy, sage Haven room for counselling, amethyst biomat and sound healing (70cm Feng Gong from Nepal & full chakra set Tibetan Singing Bowls blessed by a Buddhist monk before shipping). 

Outside you’ll find the Thermal spa Oasis courtyard set amidst an aromatic edible herb garden, featuring: Magnesium Hot Tub, full spectrum Infrared Sauna and Odin Ice Bath.

Treat your WHOLE being, with Nova Holistic Spa; where inner beauty meets outer radiance.