Float the time away in a float spa, or make the most of other services that Orenda offers, like massage, facials and waxing.

Our interview

Originally published on 3 October 2019.

And relax…

Easier said than done we know. We headed over to the new Orenda Float Spa in Soundys Lane (off Elizabeth Mall) to see what they can do to help create some tranquillity in our hectic lives.

Owned and managed by the bubbly Arielle, she sat down with us to discuss what to expect from a float spa and the importance of ‘me time’.

“Life can get really overwhelming, but going into the float spa, having a massage or beauty treatment can change the way that you see things. The experience can make you more positive, driven and gain more motivation,” tells Arielle.

“Helping customers relax is what I am most passionate about.”

A float spa or tank gives you the sensation of weightlessness. With over 150 kg of Epsom salt in the water of the tank, you have zero gravity and can float the time away.

The experience encourages you to focus on your breathing. You can personalise the experience for yourself with lights, music and temperature.

What can you expect to get out of it? The key results you can expect include an elevated level of relaxation and treatment of sore muscles/joints, thanks to the magnesium absorption.

“People have all sorts of individual sensations. For example, some people go into a euphoric state and come out extremely happy and confident.”

Arielle tells us that the float spas are particularly good for pregnant women who are after an alternative to massage. The float spa is also great for promoting better sleep and detoxing your body.

Arielle made her way to Australia 2 years ago where she took a career change from marketing into massage and beauty. Talking to Arielle, her passion really is in helping people. “I feel like it’s not enough for myself to be helping people at work, but also to be passing this knowledge on to other people so they know about how to treat others,” says Arielle.

In her downtime, Arielle is off enjoying her new Tassie home by spending as much time in the water as the weather allows or off on a hike. She treats herself to a beauty treatment or float spa every now and then too.

If you want to try out the new float spa experience or one of the other services that Orenda offers, like massage, facials and waxing, then make an appointment today.

“We really don’t want people to rush in and rush off after their treatment. We really want people to take their time and enjoy the experience,” said Arielle.