The team here offer a range of services from beard trims, razor-style cuts and ear singeing. Most services come with a complementary beer or whisky.

Our interview

Originally published on 4 February 2020.

When you enter Paradise Lost you enter another world. One full of fun, frivolity and a whole lot of pink!

This barbershop brings a Midtown building alive with an art deco fitout and a Wes Anderson-Grand Budapest Hotel vibe.

Many people know of Paradise Lost from their old location in Liverpool Street under Les Lees, but they have recently moved to Elizabeth Street. We went to visit owners Lee and Candy (and their adorable family dog Daisy) to seek out the goss.

This team know barbering and style! This is the 3rd barbershop that Lee and Candy have opened over the years and as Lee told us, this latest one was the most fun!

“We fell in love with the space and building. Candy and I put this together as a team, she is the more grounded one and I am the more eccentric wild one. We collaborate very nicely and we don’t settle for second-best.”

“Pink was the clear choice here, as it is the opposite of what you traditionally associate with masculine. I wanted to create a space for the community, both men and women, but particular men to come in and have a place to chat and talk more,” says Lee.

Hailing from Burleigh Heads, these two migrated to Hobart about 3 years ago. Lee tells us that after selling his initial business on the Gold Coast, he knew it didn’t feel like home anymore. After visiting Tassie for Falls Festival and subsequently doing some touring, he knew straight away this would be the new ‘home’.

Lee confesses he has always been a bit nuts and one for theatrics. “I loved performing arts when I was in school and the barbershop floor is just a big stage. Not just for the barbers, but for the customers too. It is controlled chaos!”

“There’s lots of singing here on the floor. It is common to have people open right up and by the end of the appointment, they are signing too,” laughs Lee.

Having worked in the industry for nearly 20 years, we had to ask what the favourite part of the job for Lee is. He tells us that his passions constantly change, some years it has been the performance art, other years it is the technical skills. At the moment though, his passion and favourite part is the community aspect that comes with having people come into the space.

The team here offer a range of services from beard trims, razor-style cuts and ear singeing. Most services come with a complementary beer or whisky.

“I love ear singeing, it is like mixing play and pleasure. There is something that brings out the inner-child who loves to play with fire. You can watch the entire shop stop and watch when we do it,” says Lee.

The building has been lovingly restored with nods to contemporary styling. According to the team, the building is haunted by Miss Howard, although there is some debate about the truth to this mystery ghost, as Candy points out.

“I love how Hobart is a unique community. Paradise Lost gets its aesthetic with thanks to Hobart.”

Don’t wait any longer to find your paradise. To book your next appointment, head to their super easy online booking system on their website. Lee, Candy, Daisy and the team can be found at 163 Elizabeth Street, in the heart of Midtown.