Full of vintage and second-hand gems with pieces to suit your unique style.

Our interview

Originally published on 1 September 2020.

The Finders is a collaboration space that brings together Heaven Vintage, Vintage Stallion, Freya Flavell and Hiatus Store. Impressively, this team came together with the store in just two and a half weeks. They have created a space that is full of vintage and second-hand gems with pieces to suit your unique style.

We sat down with the wonderful owners who make up this collab, Bec, Hayleigh, Freya and Linda.

This store was born out of COVID-19. Bec tells us that her store, Vintage Stallion, was going really well prior to the pandemic, but to ensure longevity in a post-COVID world meant that she had to explore options for reopening. In an opportune way that Hobart can sometimes be, she connected with Hayleigh, Freya and Linda to create The Finders.

Hayleigh, owner of the Re-Loved Market in Battery Point, started her store Hiatus Store in the peak of the pandemic as a way to sell goods online.

“I love that everything I want I can get second-hand. This changes the way you consume clothes, the way you buy things and then the way that you discard of clothing. I love being able to be part of this as a business owner,” says Hayleigh.

Whilst Freya tells us she started a love with second-hand styles when she was 16. She would head to the op shops and would re-purpose bags and resell them. Freya was a regular at the Re-Loved Market too.

“I love the history in second-hand clothing. It is a trip back in time,” says Freya.

Linda, who hails originally from the central coast, has been running Heaven Vintage, selling quality clothing, homewares and accessories.

“We love having the store so we can talk to our customers, they can try on the clothes and we are constantly updating our stock so there is always something new to discover,” says Linda.

Much of the items are sourced from interstate and even overseas. Both Bec and Freya have a whole lot of beautiful goods from the United States. Since we can’t travel, it is nice to still update your wardrobe with a mix of pieces from outside the island.

“We can be really lucky with pieces. Linda and I just came upon items from 1968 through to 1986, that were from a store up north, that have been so beautifully preserved in storage,” says Freya.

“We have mother’s coming in with their daughters who reminiscence on how items used to be worn. And you can see the daughters emanating that style. It is so lovely,” says Linda.

This store caters for everyone from 16 through to 65 and over. You will find items for men and women and they endeavour to get a large mix of sizes. They have a growing range of accessories too from shoes, earrings through to homewares.

And the pricing? We were impressed with the pricing of the clothes, ranging from as little as $20 through to leather jackets still under $200. Most of the pieces are Australian-made too.

They encourage you to bring in any vintage items you may wish to sell. If you have something in your cupboard, message the team or better yet, come in for a visit.

Discover something unique at 140 Harrington Street, next door to Queen’s Pastry.