Community Bake Days are held every second Sunday throughout the year at Legacy Park.

Pack your favourite recipe for cooking in the wood-fired ovens with the help of our Oven Coordinator.

While your food is cooking, kids can explore our nature based playground, which is designed for the use of children of different ages and abilities, inviting children to climb, clamber and use their imagination when playing. Discovery gardens, climbing wall and lookouts form part of the experience.

Legacy Park is an accessible community space, with tables and grass for picnics, an outdoor amphitheatre, public toilets and shelters.

The bake days are open to the community and we hope many families will join us.

What to bake and how to bake it

You can use these two wood-fired ovens to cook anything you might cook in your oven at home. This includes bread, pizzas, roast meat and vegetables, pies, quiches, cakes, scones and biscuits.

If you're short on time or not a great cook, you might like to ask your local bakery or pizza shop to provide raw dough or a pizza readymade.

You do the preparation of the food and the Oven Coordinator is there to offer advice and do the cooking for you.


Bring your dough and ingredients along and prepare your pizzas on the bench or board provided. Fresh dough is best, make balls of dough at home and stretch them out to prepare your pizza at the community hub.

Remember less is best, don't pile the ingredients too high. If you are unsure ask a coordinator for advice. Pizzas are cooked directly on the oven floor for best results.

Baking and roasts

Sour dough bread is cooked directly on the oven floor, have it ready to finish proving at the community hub before it goes in the oven.

For sweets biscuits or deserts have them prepared and ready to go in the oven.

Roasts are great to have cooked at the community hub. It is best to have them ready to go in the oven. Consider using disposable foil trays, so you don't have to wash up afterwards. Some non-stick pans don't like the brick oven floor and may get scratched. Don't forget disposable foil trays can be recycled, they just need rinsing out first.

Also bring anything else you need for serving or preparing your food, such as utensils. But note that our friendly Oven Coordinator will give you back your cooked pizza cut into slices ready to eat.

Cooking times

In relation to the cooking time, it all depends on sizes and ingredients of the products, below is an estimate for cooking times:

Food Cooking time (average)
Pizza (12-14 inches homemade sourdough) 3 mins
Pizza (pre-cooked or partially defrosted) 10 mins
Roast meat Approx 1 hr per kg
Scones 20-30 mins
Bread 30-60 mins

The coordinator can cook 4 to 6 pizzas at a time.

Learn more about Legacy Park and see a photo gallery of the park:

Legacy Park 

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