Have you heard of Assemblage Curated? It’s a colourful and curious little store, run by Tanya La Paglia, a professional visual artist, art therapist and nurse.

This unique space overflows with handmade objects, artwork, pottery, children’s toys and jewellery.

Tanya bought the iconic New Town Post and Telegraph Office building in 2014, with the intention of opening a café and shop.

“I love New Town and I’ve lived in this area for 30 years – my children went to the local school. When the opportunity came up to buy the property, I jumped,” she says.

Tanya also discovered a deep family connection with the area.

“After I bought the business, I found out that my great, great grandfather owned the land here as a first land grant – I cried when I heard! It was quite a special moment.”

Assemblage Curated, in its current location, opened in April 2022 and is home to an array of special and unique homewares, gifts and art.

“As you can tell, the items in the shop are a bit of an eclectic mix – some things have been made locally as well as sourced worldwide from Africa, Asia and beyond.”

The shop was born from Tanya’s love of collecting beautiful and unique objects.

“I’m a collector and I knew I wanted to open a space for my collections – it’s all about whatever captures my eye.”

Tanya’s love and passion for creative arts, history and people are deeply embedded in the Post Office building and local community.

After extensive renovations to the building Tanya opened Dispatch Café downstairs in 2015. She then converted the top level into a stylish and light-filled Art B&B, which opened in 2019.

As well as running the Art B&B and Assemblage Curated shop, Tanya also facilitates a range of community programs, workshops and projects.

“I’ve run an art therapy group for mental health clients down at the hospital for the last 13 years and I’ve seen firsthand how therapeutic it can be for people.

“I’ve set up a table at the front of the shop so people can come in and play with different art forms – it was always my intention to create a space that focused on people and creativity.”

Why not swing by Assemblage Curated next time you are looking for a special gift?

You’ll find Tanya and her collection of eclectic curios at 174 New Town Road. You can find out more about upcoming workshops and events on the Post Office 176 and Assemblage B&B Facebook page.