The award-winning restaurant by the waterfront is located in the heart of a Franklin wharf and is one of the most popular restaurants in the area. In recent years, the restaurant has constantly received various awards and has become a culinary hotspot.

Firstly, the cuisine of the award-winning seaside restaurant is highly acclaimed. The restaurant provides a variety of fresh seafood, and each dish is cooked to order, ensuring the quality and taste of the food. In addition, the restaurant has many excellent chefs who constantly explore new culinary techniques, introducing new flavors to satisfy the taste buds of customers.

Apart from the food, the award-winning seaside restaurant is also praised for its excellent service.

Among the popular restaurants, the award-winning seaside restaurant is an eco-friendly restaurant that pays special attention to the sustainability of its cuisine. All ingredients are organic and the purchasing channels are closely monitored to ensure that only products that do not have a negative impact on the environment are chosen. We promote the use of environmentally friendly utensils during dining, reduce food waste, refrain from excessive use of food additives, and minimize pollution of the environment.

In summary, the award-winning seaside restaurant is known for its excellent cuisine and professional service. It has become an essential stop for tourists visiting the area and a great place for locals to enjoy food.

Two times winning of Best Asian Restaurant Awards By THA (Tasmania Hospitality Awards).