The Forty Spotted Gin Bar serves the full Forty Spotted Gin range as well as a selection of rare and hard-to-find gins from Tasmania and beyond in a relaxed setting. The perfect location for any gin lover! 

Our Interview

Originally published 25 November 2020. 

The Forty Spotted Gin Bar is located in Argyle Street above Pigeon Whole bakery, this new location is a ‘must’ on the list to try out. 

We sat down with Dan, Head of Hospitality, to chat all things gin! 

“We have always had Lark Distillery, where you could get a Forty Spotted drink, but it has come time for Forty Spotted to have its own identity. It deserves its own celebration because it is a beautiful gin” | says Dan. 

The venue is simple but architecturally designed to represent a Forty Spotted pardalote nest – a nod to the much-loved branding. 

You’ll find a variety of Forty Spotted gins to try such as the exclusively Tasmanian Tassie Bush Honey Gin, or the yet-to-be-launched Raspberry and Rose. More exclusive range gins will be joining the cohort shortly. 

Treat yourself to one of their cocktails where gin is the hero. Coupled with classic native Tasmanian flavours, these are sure to impress. You will also find a selection of rare gins that Dan describes as ‘an exceptional range from both here in Tassie and overseas’. 

“We want locals to come this bar and really own it. Forty Spotted is a classic Tasmanian flavour and we want people to support it” 

In a twist on the standard offerings, they are also offering a unique Gin-stitute, a selection of gin blending masterclasses during the day. The classes see you spending time with the Forty Spotted Gin professionals, who will take you through the gin making process (whilst you of course have a gin in hand). You then get the opportunity to make your own gin using the knowledge you have been bestowed (you get to keep it of course)! 

The gin professionals are the best of the best, featuring the likes of Dan himself, Maddy from Society and Niall of Oddfellows fame – to name a few. Make sure you book in as these sell fast!