A hidden gem, Gold Bar Cafe transitions from coffee and light lunches through to an evening cocktail bar with effortless class.

Our Interview

Originally published 29 July 2019.  
Gold Bar Cafe Hobart is open Monday through to Friday, at 11 Morrison Street. For a list of the daily specials, check out their Instagram page

Meet Liz. Liz runs Gold Bar cafe, a hidden gem tucked away behind the Gibson’s Mill on Morrison Street. This café turns into a bar most evenings and effortlessly moves from orders of coffee to gin. 

This café has a speakeasy vibe filled with red furnishings, gold trimming and Chesterfield lounges. 

Liz tells us that she never thought she would run a café, and after returning from a trip around Australia in 2018, she landed herself in this role and hasn’t looked back. Liz is no stranger to the coffee scene though, having worked at some of Hobart’s most prestigious cafes in the past honing in on her latte-making skills. 

Liz hand-makes everything on the menu in the kitchen onsite, but this is a team effort. Liz’s partner helps chop the vegetables of a morning before he heads off to work. 

‘I wanted to make stuff that I would like to eat daily. Food that is nutritious and makes you feel full and healthy’, said Liz. The menu often includes frittata, a collection of soups and more substantial offerings like pasta carbonara or Middle Eastern braised chicken. 

Served up for us was a roasted red capsicum and tomato soup with a side of toast. Filling, spicy and a perfect winter lunch! 

The Hello Hobart crew frequent the Gold Bar café a lot and our absolute favourite thing that we cannot recommend enough is the choc orange muffins. These muffins are made with whole oranges, not orange flavouring! If you are a Jaffa fan, then you need to come in and try one. They sell out whenever Liz cooks up a batch. 

As Gold Bar is half café and half bar, it means that Liz often serves lunch orders with a cocktail on the side, particularly on Fridays. We asked what the most common cocktail requests are: ‘Espresso Martinis are a big hit in Hobart. I don’t mean to brag, but I make a mean one too’, says Liz. 

A fun fact though, Liz doesn’t drink coffee! We can assure our followers that she certainly knows how to make one despite this.