Grandma Noodles is the place to go for delicious noodle soups, dumplings and dim sum.

Our Interview

Originally published 21 August 2019. 

Open Monday through to Saturday for lunch and dinner at 40 Murray Street, Hobart. 

‘When people are doing a ‘bottoms up’, slurping their noodles and soup, that makes me happy’, tells owner of Grandma’s Noodles, Mandy. 

Originating from Chong Qing in China, Grandma Noodles opened their first Australian store in Melbourne and has now made its way to Hobart thanks to owner Mandy. 

Wondering what to expect from Grandma Noodles? Think big bowls of noodles with fresh housemade sauces that fall to the bottom (give it a stir before you eat). 

If noodles aren’t what you are in the mood for, the menu also offers wonton soup, spring rolls and sweets, such as sweetened red bean soup and sweet rice balls. Be warned though, the food can be spicy, Mandy tells us that she often sees customers crying because of the heat. If you are someone who avoids spice then don’t fear, you can order some dishes without chilli, just ask the friendly staff. 

The drinks menu is also interesting, offering homemade plum juice, honey aloe lemon storm and lychee ice. 

‘We want to bring really traditional Chinese taste to Hobart. Many places change the taste of the food to suit the local palette, whereas we haven’t done that. We want to embrace the traditional Chinese culture and taste’, says Mandy. 

Mandy came to Hobart to do her Masters in Accounting and fell in love with Hobart and hasn’t left since. 

And the name of Grandma’s Noodles? ‘The name of the restaurant is because in Chinese tradition a lot of young people are raised by their grandmother and grandfather. So the cooking from grandma’s is often better than mum’s. For me, I don’t remember my mum’s food, but I remember my Grandma’s.’ 

Grandma’s Noodle is fast becoming the go-to noodle house for many regular customers. ‘I love seeing people come in night after night ordering the same dish,’ tells Mandy. 

Even Mandy’s husband ate the ‘Sichuan Pepper Beef Noodles’ dish every lunchtime for an entire month! We can only assume this dish must be good (it is a super spicy noodle dish, we couldn’t handle the challenge!).