A cosy inner-city wine bar specialising in interesting wine and share plates.

Our Interview

Originally published 20 May 2019. 

One of the best things in life is being surrounded by friends and family, enjoying a glass of wine and eating delicious food. So when Lucinda Wine Bar opened in the city, we knew this would become the ideal spot to do just that. 

Hello Hobart sat down with owner Kobi to chat about this new bar on Collins Street. 

‘I want Lucinda to feel like a neighborhood venue but in the city. A sort of place that you can drop in and almost feel like you are in someone’s kitchen. Already we have people come in starting their meals as separate groups, but after a bottle or two of wine, the whole place is sharing stories’, Kobi said. 

The space has been designed to have a relaxed and intimate vibe with the main seating area being an island table that is joined to the open kitchen space. The focus at Lucinda is wine and quality food. The wines on offer are minimal intervention, natural wines, sourced from all over the world. If you aren’t in the wine mood you will of course find other tipples. 

The style of food is designed to be nourishing and tasty, but also easily eaten so you can have a glass of wine in one hand. The food on the menu is constantly evolving, but you’ll be sure to find snacks right up to larger dishes, cured meats and cheeses. 

Originally from Melbourne, Kobi is a chef by trade and decided to move to Hobart to start popular restaurant Dier Makr. Since opening Dier Makr, Kobi had his eye on the space Lucinda is currently in, and when the space came up, it made a lot of sense for him to open the bar. ‘I wanted to split the concept of what I was doing in Dier Makr with a space that complimented the restaurant. A place where you could come before or after your meal or simply just pop by after work.’ Kobi said. 

‘I always wanted to own a bar and now I am living that dream and I have a bar to call my own’, Kobi said. 

Why the name Lucinda? 
‘I have been wanting to call a bar ‘Lucinda’ for probably 6 or 7 years. It’s taken from a Tom Waits song. At some point I feel in love with the song and thought that would be a great fit for a bar’. 

Lucinda are open every day of the week 3 pm until late. Make some time, gather your friends and enjoy a glass of premium wine alongside some phenomenal food. Find them at 123 Collins Street, Hobart.