Made by Mosaic is Mosaic Support Services’ Social Enterprise and is a space for their clients to feel inspired and fulfilled. The team are empowered and supported to create unique and handmade products, and share them with the community.

Our Interview

Originally published 18 May 2021. 

It is a fine thing when you walk into a store and you are welcomed by not one, not two, but an entire group of wonderful people who helped to make the products you can see in front of you. 

Made by Mosaic is a social enterprise store run by Mosaic Support Services. The Hello Hobart team were welcomed by volunteers Jerry, Bridget and Amy. Alongside Social Enterprise Coordinator Vicky and Marketing Coordinator Bronte, you can see how this organisation is helping to enrich and improve the lives of people with a disability. 

The Mosaic team create the products found in the store including heat packs, candles, keyrings and coasters. The team is empowered to create unique handmade products and celebrate them with the community. 

The team contributes by ways of product selection, scent choices, labelling through to complete creation of products. Jerry tells us that just yesterday he and Vicky went to choose fabric for the heat packs. 

“My favourite items would have to be the keyrings. Both Jerry and I worked on these ones and it was a real team effort. The knotted part is difficult but I am getting better” | says Amy 

Bridget explains that her brother Riley has created a number of art pieces that are then printed onto canvas bags, mugs and gift cards. Bridget tells us that Riley has Autism, and art is how he expresses his view of the world. You will find creatures like monkeys, snails and cows in his artwork. 

Jerry’s favourite product would be the coasters, with an array of patterns to choose from and the option to do a ‘pick and mix’ to create packs of coasters to suit. 

The team tells us that the heat packs have been flying off the shelves now the weather has started to cool down. If you are looking for a gift for a loved one, we would recommend one of the gift boxes that feature a number of great items from the store including the famous heat packs. 

The store is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and we recommend you come in and have a chat with the team, they are just delightful!