Pot Sticker Dumpling House
22 May |

Pot Sticker Dumpling House is the place where locals go to for dumplings and Asian food. It’s a causal dinning style restaurant with free BYO.

Address: 138 Collins St, Hobart
Hours: Monday – Saturday 11 am to 8.45 pm, Sunday 11.30 am to 8.45 pm
Phone: 03 6224 3858
Website: www.potsticker.com.au
Facebook: @PotStickerDumplingHouse

To make it safer for customers in response to COVID-19, this business has:

  • The team at Pot Sticker Dumpling House has been proactively looking to optimize the order-to-fulfillment process to meet customer expectations for food quality and safety in current environment.
  • They have teamed up with national industry leader Mr YUM to implement QR code ordering system at their business. While safety is a big factor driving adoption, the codes are also very convenient; eliminating the need for sharing printed menu and waiting in line to place order with relatively little effort. It works on both Dine-in and Takeaway.