Rum, cocktails and fried chicken!

Our interview

Originally published on 20 May 2019.

Be taken away to a tropical Caribbean paradise with Rude Boy on your next social outing.

“You can be wacky, fun and have a bit of attitude, all while still giving the best service and the best product,” co-owner Khayla told us.

Rude Boy is owned by Alexia, with Khayla and Rohan as co-owners alongside. They have been open since 2017 and have fast become an integral part of the bar scene in Hobart. They are well-known as being a rum bar with over 170 rums available, sourced from all over the world.

“Rum has a fun history. When you talk about the sailors and the pirates they all come back to a story involving rum. Even at our opening, we told a lot of pirate stories,” said Khayla.

Rohan told us that prior to opening Rude Boy, a lot of his friends were only whisky drinkers and yet the team have converted them to rum drinkers!

Although they are celebrated for their rum, they also have a little bit of everything. Think local wines, Tassie beers and other great spirits. They have a great range of non-alcoholic drinks as well, with all their sodas made in house from homemade flavours and they are currently working on a non-alcoholic cocktail list.

Rude Boy also offer a delicious food menu, like Jerk Chicken with pineapple chutney and pickled fennel, as well as many more tropical inspired dishes. The team also now offers off-site catering, so be sure to contact them if you want tropical-themed drinks and food at your next event.

Make Rude Boy your next bar destination. They are located within the heart of midtown at 130 Elizabeth Street, Hobart.