Spanish-inspired flavours that are made modern using local produce.

Our interview

Originally published on 10 June 2021.

If you have had the opportunity to ever dine at The Black Footed Pig, you will know it is an experience not to be missed.

Aaron and Beth have been at the helm of this restaurant since 2017, and have recently taken the brave step to expand and move the restaurant to a new venue in the MACq 01 Hotel.

The new location has been a labour of love for this couple, and they worked closely with Bury Kirkland Ferri to create the space that was a reflection of what they envisioned their restaurant to be.

“We have always been huge fans of the MACq 01 Hotel, we know that this is the perfect fit for our restaurant to grow,” says Aaron.

So for those who haven’t dined at The Black Footed Pig before, what can you expect?

Spanish-inspired flavours that are made modern using local produce. In particular, the team celebrate the flavours of Catalonia which include fruit, nuts and unique spices.

Think grilled quail, Tunnel Hill mushroom pinchos or Catalan-style Spring Bay mussels.

“We are so lucky to have had the same Head Chef the entire time, with the kitchen’s support, we have had such confidence in the expansion of the restaurant. Throughout the pandemic and then the move, the team including the wait staff all stayed on and waited for us to reopen,” says Aaron.

“Our local regular customers have been fantastic,” says Beth who credits their success in the recent move to the people of Hobart.

You can enjoy The Black Footed Pig in either their Tapas Bar or sit-down restaurant. There is also a private dining room on offer if you have a group occasion lined up.

And the name? The Black Footed Pig is a reference to the Iberico pig that can be sourced only from Spain. In particular, Jamon Iberico is a type of pig that has been fed only acorns and as a result, has a unique nutty flavour. You can experience the meat yourself from their menu.