Buying and selling new and second hand vinyl, turntables and Tasmania’s largest range of music tees.

Our interview

Originally published on 3 May 2019.

Hello Hobart are starting off the week by featuring Tommy Gun Records, a music treasure trove in the centre of the city.

We interviewed owner Adam about his store and his love of music. As novice record listeners here at Hello Hobart, we felt it only fair to ask first up – ‘why are records so popular’?

“Records have a full range of sound that is unique. If you are listening to a download or steam you are often missing out on getting the highs and the very lows; you aren’t getting the full spectrum of sound. On a good record you really do hear those sparkling highs of a cymbal and the lows of the bass drum and sometimes that can get lost in compressed music,” said Adam.

Adam tells us that records are for everyone and they attract all kinds of people who embrace ‘the record life’.

Tommy Gun is home to both new and second-hand records with over 3,000 titles (it is an enormous collection). They are also the only store in Hobart that sells licensed music t-shirts. Plus you will find a collection of CDs, records players and accessories. Adam will happily order in products for customers but he also sources a wide collection of second-hand products for his customers. Adam will even try and sell your old records for you too.

The store has been open for around 12 years in various locations in Hobart. Originally the store was called ‘Retro Steptoe’, which sold a collection of retro clothing, furniture and music. The music sold so well that Adam decided to concentrate on music alone, changing the name and creating the store as we know it today!

Why the name Tommy Gun Records?

“It is from the 70s UK punk band The Clash, who had a song called Tommy Gun,” Adam said.

What is the most enjoyable part of your job?

“Meeting like-minded people who are into music.”

A little bit about owner Adam – he used to work in public relations, starting out in Hobart. Like many of our counterparts, he then made the move overseas and travelled before ending up back in Sydney and then ultimately moving back home to Tassie.

Adam tell us that he has always had a love for records. “I was buying records when people were throwing them out. In the 90s and early 2000s when it was all about CDs and downloads, I would go straight to the secondhand records in the shop rather than any other medium. I have always had an interest in records