“I just love helping people find that perfect gift- I think ultimately, I love making people happy.”

Have you heard of Habeo? Perched up the top of Montpelier Retreat on Hampden Road, Habeo is soon to be one of your new favourite spots when searching for that perfect gift.

Rhea opened Habeo two years ago, in the iconic building that many locals will remember was home to Kookaburra Antiques and Books for close to 30 years.

“I’d worked in retail before I finished my degree and then I got a serious corporate job – but I always had this pipedream of opening my own store. When COVID hit, I started to reassess my career path and I had a huge realisation – that if

I wanted to open my own shop than I was the only one that could make it happen. So, I took the plunge and never looked back.”

Habeo is one of a few retail businesses on Hampden Road and offers a wide range of products from children and baby products and clothing, books, accessories including bags, wallets and sunglasses, cosmetics, gardening products and homewares. Also importantly: they gift-wrap (and beautifully, mind).

“I wanted to stock beautiful things that people might not find in other places – one of my favourite parts of running a store is the buying process. It’s a bit of a gamble and I am constantly thinking ‘I hope other people love this as much as I do!’ And it turns out they do, thankfully.”

“We’ve also picked up a reputation as being a place where you can purchase beautiful quality cards – people know they can come here and get a card for whatever the occasion. Some of our cards our also designed by Tasmanian artists, which we love.”

Although Habeo have an online store, Rhea likes to provide people with the option for ‘real’ shopping (aka in-person shopping),

“There is something about being able to see and hold things that is important with gift shopping, I think. We also love the opportunity to help people find what they are looking for.”

Something that you notice straight away in Habeo is how beautifully and thoughtfully the products are presented – it came as no surprise that Rhea has a background in visual merchandising.

The shop itself has a relaxed vibe and it’s the kind of place where you could easily lose track of time while browsing. It’s also one of those places that make it kind of impossible not to ‘treat yourself’ while shopping for someone else.

“Battery Point has a really nice, relaxed village atmosphere – this is something we like to offer in store too. We want people to feel like they can really take their time to look around.”

Habeo has extended their opening days gradually from 5 to now being open 7 days, making weekend shopping simple.

“We’re in a really unique location because we’re just outside of the city but close enough to walk to from town – we also have the added benefit of having heaps of easy street parking.”

Over the two years they have been open, Habeo has built a loyal local customer base, who come back time and time again.

“Every time someone has a baby or if they need to get a gift or card for their mother-in-law – they know they will be able to find something beautiful here.”

So, next time you’re in the market for a gift, why not check out Habeo? Grab a coffee, have a stroll around Battery Point then pop into Habeo for some shopping – sounds like a perfect Sunday morning to me!

You can find Habeo on the corner of Montpelier Retreat and Hampden Road or check out their website.