Mazí Hair provide an inviting and relaxed atmosphere. The team comprises of internationally renowned award winning stylists and colourists.

Our interview

Originally published on 20 May 2019.

As the quaint saying goes… ‘every cloud has a silver lining’.

The ladies who created Mazí Hair are a fabulous example of how to turn a less than perfect situation into that silver-lined cloud.

These three lovely owners, Alex, Rachael and Larissa, opened their salon late January this year after their former workplace unexpectedly shut down.

“What was a really disappointing thing in our last job, turned out to be the most positive thing in our lives,” Alex said of their new journey as Mazí Hair.

“Our name means ‘together’ in Greek and it’s about working together. It’s about working and supporting one another and enjoying our day-to-day jobs,” said the girls.

Between these girls they have 48 years of experience in cutting, styling and colour. They aren’t working with an apprentice at the moment either, so you get personalised service from start to finish.

These girls are all about service, they don’t even answer the phone throughout the day, instead they tend to phone calls in the early morning or afternoon to ensure that their full attention is on their clients.

Larissa tells us that hairdressing has always been a deep desire for the trio. “Hairdressing is quite a creative industry, so we really enjoy that side of it and being able to transform someone’s look and make them feel better about themselves is always a really nice feeling,” she said.

Alex tells the Hello Hobart team that she originally begun a university degree, but after coming out of her chemistry exam she knew that she wanted something else, something she felt passionate about. 13 years later, she is happy with her detour into hairdressing. “If something doesn’t make you happy, you will never enjoy every day.”

Rachel told us that for her, her decision to go into hairdressing was the result of a bad perm she got. She had to learn how to blow dry the perm straight and after that she was sold on the idea of being a hairdresser.

The elegance of this salon is evident when you walk in the door, the clean colours on the wall and the wooden tones make for an Instagramable location to get your next chop.

“We sometimes pinch ourselves because it’s not that easy to find a nice space and yet we did. It was obviously it was meant to be!” said Alex.

To book an appointment with this lovely trio, you can email them, head to their website or phone 03 6289 6370 (leave a message and they will get back to you).